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  • Worst 80s Cartoon Ever

    This show was horrible. I want to give it a 0 but this website won't let me.

    0 out of 10.

    @ThatTVDude You like the Snorks? Then I hate you! Start hating that show right now!
  • FYI. This show is above mediocre, but a definate unperfectness

    Like smurfs. But they should really use just a very little hint of humor.

    Successful in my opinion, but the only thing wrong is the 360p quality. Ill tell you about the show.

    Snorks is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera which ran on NBC from September 15, 1984 to May 13, 1989. Although not as popular as the animated series The Smurfs, the program continued to be available in syndication from 1986 to 1989, on the BBC in the late 1990s, and from 20092011 and again from 2012-Present on Boomerang.

    Freddy Monnickendam of Belgian character licensing firm SEPP originally started the development of "Snorks" concept in 1981, and published the first "Snorks" comic book in January 1982.

    Belgian comics artist Nicolas Broca created the original character designs, which were originally created for characters called "Diskies" he wished to include in the Spirou et Fantasio Franco-Belgian comic he was drawing at the time. A page and a few images were realized, and were published in the limited edition album Les Mmoires de Spirou in 1989.

    The show was relatively successful and has a considerable fan following. In May 2011, the series was added to Hulu as a part of their Hulu Plus instant streaming for paying subscribers. THanks fo reading. Just an FYI
  • It's a Smurfs rip off, of course I don't like it

    Just like the person below me stated, it's just a Smurfs ripoff. The only difference is the Snorks are underwater creatures and not all of them are blue. But still, it is just a ripoff of the Smurfs.
  • It's the Smurfs--underwater!

    First thing first: I hate the Smurfs. I hated the Smurfs' "language", their way of life--everything about them...and then this abomination comes along. It's the Smurfs underwater. Seriously, my mind is surfing with millions of possibilities as to why this show might have failed--it's a ripoff of the Smurfs, an annoying, formulaic, merchandise driven piece of junk written by the same twerps who made the Smurfs--except they say snork all the time. There's probably a Gargamelian guy too, out to turn the snorks into peppermintium or something of that same nature...oh, and he probably owns an annoying cat sidekick like Gargamel.

    ...the Smurfs--underwater!
  • WAY better than The Smurfs (in my opinion)

    The Snorks had a lot of similarities to their counterparts, The Smurfs. The difference though is that the Snorks are underwater and live there. The Snorks was a great turnabout from the sturdiness that was The Smurfs (apologizes to all Smurf fans out there, I didn't like that show) and was more enjoyable. The Snorks actually had more than one female in the show, it wasn't just oogle and goggle over one female like in The Smurfs, but there was an entire town men and women. The characters are well rounded and are lovable to watch as they go on adventures in the seas. The episodes themselves are pretty good, but aren't really memorable. Some of them are stuff you have seen before but some episodes were unique and interesting. I also liked the fact that they didn't use the word snork on every sentence, they would use that word in a sentence once in a while, but at least it wasn't like the Smurfs where they used smurf in every sentence. The show also does a great job of portraying actual human life and their challenges. In the end, the Snorks was actually more watchable, but there were still some faults like some bits of choppy animation or some bland voice work. But it is a great show to watch and if you get the chance, check it out and see this forgotten gem of a show.
  • No - it's not the tune to the Little Mermaid!

    I remember this show being on "Agro's Cartoon Connection" in Australia when I was younger. I think it was Hanna Barbera's OWN attempt at making their version of "The Smurfs"?
    Anyway, at around the same time "The Little Mermaid" (Disney) was released in the cinemas and featured the hit song "Under The Sea" sung by Sebastian the crab. Since the show was on in the morning before I went to school, I would sometimes go to school with the catchy Snorks theme-tune stuck in my head and sometimes (accidently) would sing a few bars of it, "fun there will be living under the sea..." (I think that's how it went) and my friends would say "those are the wrong words!" (Thinking that I was singing the song from The Little Mermaid).

    This show is basically about strange little creatures who live under the sea (animated) and was very much like an underwater version of Peyo's " The Smurfs" (which I believe was also made by Hanna Barbera?)
  • Saw this as a kid!

    I saw this show as a kid back when we first moved to TN from Miami in 1984. As it was kind of like the Smurfs. But they were more of teenagers. Then it was of grown ups. As it still had the same dialogue and kept the same kind of thing that the Smurfs did. But they were Blue but of all kinds of colors. A captain discovered them as he was underneath the sea. And began to write about his experiences. About getting to know the Snorks. Boy those were the eighties. As I wished that they would put this back on Booomerang, Cartoon Network's sister network.
  • I love it!

    I have never even heard of The Snorks intill a short time ago. I have only watch 3 episodes and I love it The Snorks is a great show! It is kinda like The Smurfs but truthfuly I like it much better. Even though the show came out years ago I love it like I would a cartoon now days and theirs very little that I like now days. You know when your watching this you just love the show and characters. I mean you don't have to worry about getting grossed out by this show. Its not like cartoons now days that basicly try to make you sick at your stomach. Its a family cartoon that everyone can watch it like I saide I have only seen 3 episodes of the The Snorks and loved it right away! And that has to say something if only cartoons were like this now days. Anyways I rate The Snorks a perfect 10 for being a great cartoon that anybody chould enjoy!
  • The smurfs underwater

    Snorks was a comic book created by Belgian Nic Broca in 1982. "Snorks", the titular characters are a race of small, colorful, fictional beings that live in the underwater world of Snorkland. The comic was later adapted by Hanna-Barbera Productions into an American Saturday morning cartoon, which ran on NBC from 1984 to 1989. The cartoon was a mild success, compared to the popularity of Hanna-Barbera's The Smurfs (another adaptation from a Belgian comic).

    The Snorks have snorkels on their heads, which are used to propel them swiftly through the water. When a Snork becomes excited his tube makes a "snork" sound. Like the Flintstones or the Smurfs, they have much of the same technology as humans, adapted to their own aquatic environment.

    According to the Snork back-story, a few ventured to the surface in 1643, and watched a ship being attacked by pirates. The captain wound up in the water, and that was the first contact between the species. Since then, Snorks have adopted several human habits, such as wearing clothes.

    For the third season (which premiered in syndication) in 1987, several changes were made to the series. The character, Dimmy Finster, was written out of the storylines, and three new characters were introduced: Corky (the Snork Patrol officer), and the series' new chief villains, Bigweed and his sidekick, Li'l Seaweed. Also, there are some episodes which take place on dry land, and the later episodes run in two parts.
  • The Snorks have gone a long way to entertaining me. All the way from the theme tune to Corky screaming out "This looks like a job for the Snork patrol!!!"

    I would rather watch The Snorks than most of todays cartoons. This is the answer, their innocent little darlings. They're so cute with all the sea creatures. I could cling on to them all my life. The cartoons of today just don't have any charm. Corky has a lot of the charm, with him leading the Snork patrol, any silly trap the others fall into, Corky will always make sure that there is a happy ending, all the way from saving his friends from being squid bait to saving the entire Snork race itself. Allstar just loves adventure & the rest, well, i'm speechless. When the time comes when they quit, I shall be doing sketches of them all. Who cares if my sister would embarrass me if she told me I was a baby, like I care.

    "This looks like a job for the Snork patrol!!!!"
  • The Snorks...who could ever forget the Snorks? They were great.

    I still watch the Snorks from time to time. I sometimes catch the show on Boomerang. That's a great network for classic cartoons. I loved the Snorks when I was growing up. Between that and the Smurfs I was a very content child as far as my cartoons went. The Snorks is a great cartoon and kids of all ages should watch it.
  • If you like The Smurfs, The Snorks might appeal to you.

    The Snorks is a calssic childrens cartoon that is a lot like The Smurfs.
    They live under the sea and have heaps of adventures.
    I like a lot of the older cartoons because they seem quite innocent compared to some that are around today. I would love to see some of the older cartoons come back to free to air Australian television so younger generations can also experience them.
  • I never saw this show until 2001 but I love it.

    When I got DirecTV after getting a great deal of interest of animation to learn it's ways, I got the newest channel for oldies, Boomerang, along with Cartoon Network, Toon Disney, and Nickelodeon, I enjoyed watching many old school cartoons on the channel, I started by watching The Smurfs which was a show I enjoyed as a child and was glad to see it again but I also got a little tired of it too, I usually watched it after SpongeBob on Nick, the one night after Smurfs, I instead of going to sleep afterwards, My eye caught the Snorks, I decided to stay up and check it out, the first episode I saw that night were the season 3 episodes "A Willie Scary Shalloween" and "Junior's Empire" and I really enjoyed them, though a classic show, this was new to me and was great. To me this show was way better the The Smurfs.

    My favorite character in this series is Allstar, always ready for adventure and has a lot of heart. One of my other favor tie characters was Corky, while some people may find his "This looks like a job for (Horn music) the Snork Patrol" to be annoying but for some reason I actually never get tired of it, feel free to disagree with me on that part if you wish, but he's extremely determind and very devoted to protecting everyone. And you may find me a little odd for this one but I also like Junior Wetworth, in the first two seasons we was a complete jerk but in the later seasons he actually showed more character in seasons 3 & 4, especially 4.

    This was an interesting view at an aquatic intellegent creatures version of modern life and unlike the smurfs, they didn't refer to as many things by snork, though they did with some, it was not as much, and they had more realistic names, though they had a play on aquatic words thing in many of their names, it was interesting since they are aquatic creatures while the Smurfs names represented their personallity or interests which in a way was still good (mainly for kids I guess) but too easy (Not saying Smurfs are bad, I do still like them, any Smurf fans reading this, I am not offending them).

    I don't know if I would recommend this to many teens or adults but I would definetly recommend it to many kids, this is a fun show to watch as a kid in any generation.
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