The Snorks

NBC (ended 1989)


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  • WAY better than The Smurfs (in my opinion)

    The Snorks had a lot of similarities to their counterparts, The Smurfs. The difference though is that the Snorks are underwater and live there. The Snorks was a great turnabout from the sturdiness that was The Smurfs (apologizes to all Smurf fans out there, I didn't like that show) and was more enjoyable. The Snorks actually had more than one female in the show, it wasn't just oogle and goggle over one female like in The Smurfs, but there was an entire town men and women. The characters are well rounded and are lovable to watch as they go on adventures in the seas. The episodes themselves are pretty good, but aren't really memorable. Some of them are stuff you have seen before but some episodes were unique and interesting. I also liked the fact that they didn't use the word snork on every sentence, they would use that word in a sentence once in a while, but at least it wasn't like the Smurfs where they used smurf in every sentence. The show also does a great job of portraying actual human life and their challenges. In the end, the Snorks was actually more watchable, but there were still some faults like some bits of choppy animation or some bland voice work. But it is a great show to watch and if you get the chance, check it out and see this forgotten gem of a show.