The Snorks

Season 4 Episode 34

Wish or Wish Out

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 07, 1989 on NBC

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  • Entertaining episode with a good message

    A snailsman (salesman) sells wish-granting pearls to the snorks. Casey wishes for a more exciting life, and the pearl gives her superpowers. Allstar, believing that Occy lives the best life, wishes for a life as good as his. The pearl takes away his ability to speak and walk, reducing him to the mannerisms of a dog, although he is still capable of intelligent thought.

    Soon, the snorks realize that their granted wishes are not so great. Allstar soon hates being treated like a dogfish, especially since he is fed dogfish food and attracts fleas. They return to the snailsman, who says he has only one pearl left. Allstar takes the pearl and wishes them all to be returned to normal.

    The message for the children is that they should be satisfied with who they are. But, what about the poor snailsman? He didn't do anything wrong, besides exploit the snorks for their money (clams). They use his last pearl without paying for it. That doesn't seem right. It was their decision to buy and use the pearls. They should blame themselves, not the snailsman.