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    I know barely five people check this show on a month, including me, so I bet an average of 0 people is reading this right now, but as you may notice, I am at the bottom of the top contributors list, and, as of December 4th, 2006, I have only contributed 1 point to this show, but my mission is to bring this show where it's popularity rating is near CSI, or Lost, or all those other shows. And, as you may notice if you were scrolling down the episode list, there are five different episodes with scores. All of those are because of me, and that is the main reason I have given 1 point to this show. Heck, 3 points would get me like in third place! But I'm gonna watch another episode of Sonny & Cher soon, and after I do so, I'm gonna review, by giving it a (good) score, and it'll soon turn up as my score. I know this is a long post, but I'm just sharing my mission to the world - the make Sonny & Cher another show that you'll even talk about at school or work!
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