The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour

CBS (ended 1974)





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  • I'd say "Bring it back!" but my favorite character has died between now and then.

    Its true. Sonny, Cher's ex-husband, (not putting the ex- on husband since he's dead, she really divorced with him) died in a skiing accident after their shows ended. So now you know why I can't put "Bring It Back!" int he classification box. I am sad.

    This is another show of short skits, except, this show is an hour unlike two other newer skit shows, All That and The Amanda Show in which they are only thirty minutes. So of course, we had more enjoyment watching this as Sonny and Cher would make me roll on the floor laughing out very loud, or ROTFLOVL. Sure, I added the "very" in there, but who cares?

    Sonny was my favorite character, although he got picked on a lot by Cher. Cher wasn't my favorite character because she always picked on my favorite character. She would always say he was short despite the fact they were both the same height. Idiot. :P

    Don't have much to say about the skits except that I enjoy almost all of them, and same way with the episodes.