The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour - Season 2

CBS (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Show 19 - Season Finale with Merv Griffin
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Get Ready" and an opening dialogue.
    2. Cher sings "The Way Of Love"
    3. "The Vamps" -- Merv joins Cher in vamp blackouts of Bonnie and Clyde, Theda Bara and Sadie Thompson.
    4. Sonny sings "For Once In My Life" to backdrop photos of Chastity.
    5. Sonny and Cher sing "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done"
    6. Merv appears as Vlada the Horror in a Russian opera with a Xavier Cugat beat.
    7. Sonny and Cher, along with the Tony Mordente dancers, perform "The Sonny and Cher Stomp."moreless
  • Show 18 - George Burns, David Clayton Thomas
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with a medley of "The Beat Goes On" and "It Don't Come Easy" and banter about Cher being named one of the ten best dressed women in America.
    2. Sonny shares the stage with George, who delivers his own style of standup comedy.
    3. Cher sings "You Made Me Love You"
    4. "The Vamps" -- King Ferdinand of Spain (George) sends Christopher Columbus (Sonny) off to discover the New World after he catches him making love with Queen Isabella (Cher); and while attempting to help his best friend (George) win the affections of the lovely Roxanne (Cher), Cyrano de Bergerac (Sonny) ends up getting the girl himself.
    5. Singer David Clayton Thomas (former with the group Blood, Sweat and Tears) makes his television debut as a soloist with "Magnificent Sanctuary Band."
    6. George appears as a bartender offering advice on life and love to Sonny and Cher.
    7. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "Two Of Us" and "We Can Work It Out"
    8. "The Cultural Spot" -- Sonny and Cher are joined by the show's regulars in Trial By Error, an operatic spoof of Clifford Irving's biography of Howard Hughes, set to Gilbert and Sullivan music.
    9. Sonny and Cher close the show.moreless
  • Show 17 - Sandy Duncan, Burt Reynolds (cameo)
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Got To Get You Into My Life" and banter with Sonny comparing himself to a finely tuned Italian race car.
    2. Sandy joins Sonny and Cher on stage, asking for Cher's permission to name her kitten after her.
    3. Cher and Sandy are approached by a Hollywood prince (Burt) in the park.
    4. Cher sings "The Man That Got Away"
    5. Sandy sings and dances through an elaborate commercial spot for McTavish Aspirin.
    6. "I Got You Babe" -- A struggling young couple (Sonny and Cher) offers to keep Sandy's pet sheep dog while she's out of town modeling in a ski show.
    7. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" and "My World Is Empty Without You"
    8. "The Cultural Spot" -- In The Gypsy Doodle, an opera set to music from the Roaring Twenties, two sisters (Sandy and Cher) compete for the gypsy king's hand in marriage, despite the frantic warnings from an old gypsy crone (regular Ted Zeigler) that an evil curse will come upon everyone in the camp if the king should choose the wrong girl for his bride.
    9. Sonny and Cher, with daughter Chastity, close the show.moreless
  • Show 16 - Ken Berry, Ralph Edwards
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Eight Days a Week" and an opening dialogue.
    2. Ralph Edwards surprises Sonny with his This Is Your Life presentation.
    3. Cher sings "As Time Goes By"
    4. "The Vamps" -- Cher appears in comedy blackouts as Salome, Marie Antoinette and Sadie Thompson.
    5. Sonny and Cher perform "Dancing In the Streets"
    6. Ken joins Sonny and Cher in a Viking opera, country-western style.moreless
  • Show 15 - Art Carney
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" and banter about Sonny's new interest in exercising and staying in shape.
    2. Art joins Sonny and Cher on stage, complimenting Cher and searching for small talk with Sonny.
    3. Sonny attempts to perform one of the old songs on the piano, despite Cher's warning that Art doesn't like his voice.
    4. Cher sings "Ain't Misbehavin'"
    5. Sonny invites Art to play an impromptu piece on the piano before the show's audience, and then can't get him to stop.
    6. "Army Life" -- Cher heads a chorus line of dancers introducing an elaborate salute to life in the US Army. In comedy blackouts, a World War II Field commander (Art) has difficulty persuading his infantrymen to follow him to the battlefront; Patti Andrews (Cher) is willing to do whatever it takes to please the GI's while working at the U.S.O. During World War II, and a sergeant (Art) brings a tough new recruit into the undisciplined barracks of today's army.
    7. "I Got You Babe" -- Holly (Cher) tells Eddie (Sonny) that she'd like to have a baby.
    8. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "You've Got a Friend" and "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again"
    9. "The Cultural Spot" -- Art joins the show's regulars in "Political Follies Of '72", a classic vaudeville show spoofing today's political candidates in the style of the old burlesque houses.
    10. Sonny and Cher close the show.moreless
  • Show 14 - Burt Reynolds
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Cry Like a Baby" and banter about Sonny's start in the music business.
    2. Sonny gets Burt to re-create one of the breathtaking stunts he's so famous for.
    3. Cher sings "Am I Blue?"
    4. Burt appears with Sonny and regular Ted Zeigler as Americans during the Revolutionary War in a comedy blackout about "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
    5. Raggedy Cher breaks the news to Raggedy Sonny that she's knitting them a baby.
    6. Sonny encourages Cher to help Burt get over his nervousness about meeting her.
    7. Sonny's recitation of a soliloquy from Hamlet causes Shakespeare to turn over in his grave.
    8. "The Vamps" -- The serpent (Burt) tries to tempt Eve (Cher) to get Adam (Sonny) to take a bite of the forbidden apple in the Garden Of Eden; Wild Bill Hickok (Burt) rides into town to challenge pioneer crusader Calamity Jane (Cher) when he hears that she's been claiming to be his equal; and, in a comic spoof of A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche Dubois (Cher) forces her affections on Stanley (Burt).
    9. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "Bad Moon Rising" and "The Letter"
    10. "Headlines In the Papers" -- Burt joins the show's regulars in a montage of skits and quips based on current items in the news, such as how hospitals are getting overcrowded, air pollution, purse snatching in the park, and Hollywood tidbits.
    11. Sonny and Cher close the show with "I Got You Babe"moreless
  • Show 13 - Mike Connors, Jean Stapleton
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "People Got To Be Free" and banter about the art of self-control.
    2. Sonny and Cher are joined on-stage by Mike and Jean, who only seem to have compliments for each other.
    3. Jean shows Cher a secondhand pair of magic dancing shoes that she's just bought.
    4. Cher sings "Body and Soul"
    5. A gypsy fortune teller (Cher) predicts good news and bad news for Mike.
    6. "Meet the Candidate" -- A televised at-home interview with a Presidential candidate (Mike) is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of his tipsy wife (Jean) and a "surprise" visit from his close friend and black neighbor (regular Freeman King), whom Jean reveals on the air is actually the couple's butler.
    7. Mike and Jean are featured in "The First Annual Daytime TV Academy Awards", a takeoff on awards shows, spoofing everything from daytime soap operas like General Hospital to instructional cooking shows like The Galloping Gourmet. The coveted awards are presented in such silly categories as "The Most Cooperative Contestant On The Dating Game" and "The Guest Giving the Most Consistent Answers On a Daytime Talk Show."
    8. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "United We Stand" and "One, Two, Three"
    9. "The Sonny and Cher Story" -- The Bonos poke fun at their rise to fame -- from young singers on the road, to Las Vegas headliners on the nightclub circuit, to big TV celebrities with their own hit variety show. (Jean appears as Cher's hardworking mother, and Mike plays the duo's out-of-work manager.)
    10. Sonny and Cher close the show.moreless
  • Show 12 - Tony Randall, Honey Cone
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "More Today Than Yesterday" and banter about Sonny's new organic health food diet.
    2. Cher sings "The Way Of Love"
    3. Tony leads the cast in a sing-along of "Heart Of My Heart" at the piano bar of a 747.
    4. "The Vamps" -- Lady Chatterley (Cher) turns to her gardener (Tony) for affection after Lord Chatterley (Sonny) seems to have neglected her; Sadie Thompson and the preacher (Sonny and Cher) anticipate the arrival of a man sent from headquarters (Tony), who is coming to review the preacher's progress on the island; and Maid Marion (Cher) confesses to Robin Hood (Sonny) that she's been seeing Little John (Tony) behind his back.
    5. The female rock group Honey Cone performs "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show"
    6. A gypsy fortune teller (Cher) predicts great opportunity in Tony's future.
    7. Cher sings "Brand New Key" to John Wilson's animated satire of the hit song.
    8. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "We'll Sing In the Sunshine" and "You Are My Sunshine"
    9. "The Cultural Spot" -- In an operatic spoof of The Student Prince, Tony appears as Frederich Von Rotten, a dashing German soldier who's returned from the front to marry the girl he left behind (Cher), only to find that she had already married the town's common miller (Sonny) the year before and has given birth to his child.
    10. Sonny and Cher close the showmoreless
  • Show 11 - Lorne Greene, Chad Everett
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Put a Little Love In Your Heart" and an opening dialogue.
    2. "The Vamps" -- Cher appears in comedy sketches as Scarlett O'Hara of Gone With the Wind, Greta Garbo and Queen Alexandra.
    3. Chad Everett sings "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone"
    4. Lorne recites Shakespeare to Sonny's version of the gunfight at the OK Corral.
    5. Cher sings "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good"
    6. Chad tries to get a nude shot of his model (Cher) despite Sonny's objections.
    7. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Suspicious Minds"moreless
  • Show 10 - Kate Smith
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "It Takes Two" and banter about Sonny's new interest in body language.
    2. "I Got You Babe" -- Sonny is featured in a recurring skit as a struggling writer named Eddie Farber, whose wife (Holly) adds to his frustrations with her shocking confession that she's had an affair.
    3. Kate sings "If He Walked Into My Life Today"
    4. A gypsy fortune teller (Cher) predicts that a rich eccentric Texan will give Sonny one million tax-free dollars.
    5. Sonny appears as a motorist whose car has run out of gas in an ecology satire.
    6. Cher sings "How Long Has This Been Going On?"
    7. Sonny, dressed as Thor, the god of lightning and thunder, attempts to bring a big bolt out of the sky with his hammer.
    8. A gypsy fortune teller (Cher) predicts that Kate will have lunch with a tall, dark and handsome stranger with a mustache.
    9. An overly enthusiastic waitress (Kate) serving two lovebirds (Sonny and Cher) in a tea room has every line Sonny sings about in "Tea For Two" brought to their table.
    10. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "Walk a Mile In My Shoes" and "Games People Play"
    11. "Headlines In the Papers" -- Kate joins the show's regulars in a montage of one-liners and comedy blackouts based on current topics in the news, such as President Nixon's recent trip to Red China, women in combat, and recruiting men for today's army.
    12. Sonny and Cher close the show with "I Got You Babemoreless
  • Show 9 - Carroll O'Connor
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Good Day Sunshine" and banter about how Sonny sets Cher up for the big laughs.
    2. "Information Please" -- The Presidential assistant to Marketing, Research and Economic Stability (Carroll) attempts to explain President Nixon's wage and price freeze.
    3. Cher sings "What a Difference a Day Makes"
    4. Sonny, dressed in a costume of feathers, announces that he's been studying birds and plans to be the first man to fly.
    5. "The Vamps" -- Napoleon (Carroll) returns home to an unfaithful Josephine (Cher) after his war with the Russians, and Delilah (Cher) learns that the secret of Samson's (Carroll's) strength lies in his hair.
    6. Cher sings "Mountain Greenery" and "Big Yellow Taxi", while showing an animated satire on pollution by cartoonist John Wilson.
    7. Carroll proves to a skeptical Sonny that his singing voice can shatter wood.
    8. Carroll sings his own lyrics to "Remembering You", the closing theme song heard at the end of each "All In the Family" show.
    9. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "Stagger Lee" and "Rip It Up"
    10. "The Cultural Spot" -- In an opera based on TV commercials, Princess Celery (Cher) reveals that she wishes to wed Oscar of Vienna (Sonny) even though he is just a mere commoner and not of noble blood.
    11. Sonny and Cher, joined by Carroll, close the show with "Remembering You"moreless
  • Show 8 - Tony Curtis, Dinah Shore
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Sooner Or Later" and banter about what makes their marriage such a solid success.
    2. Sonny sings "Whispering" until he's distracted by everyone whispering behind his back.
    3. Cher sings "Come Rain Or Come Shine"
    4. Sonny plans a special memorial surprise honoring Tony on the 20th anniversary of his film The Prince Who Was a Thief.
    5. Dinah tells Cher how her marriage to Sonny is an inspiration to other couples.
    6. Dinah sings "The Song Is Love"
    7. "Detective Fat" -- Everyone is overweight in this spoof of the "Cannon" series, starring Tony in the title role, Sonny and Cher as the couple who find a dead man in their living room, and Dinah as the maid.
    8. "Sonny and Cher At Home" -- The Bonos parody the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.
    9. Tony shares fashion tips with Sonny about the benefits of wearing a "sit-down suit."
    10. Sonny and Cher perform "Mr. Tambourine Man" and (with Dinah) "Joy To the World"
    11. "Headlines In the Papers" -- Tony and Dinah join the show's regulars in a montage of skits and one-liners taking aim at current events in the news, such as Democrats running for President, a nuclear explosion in Alaska and The Godfather epic.
    12. Sonny and Cher, with daughter Chastity, close the show with "I Got You Babe"moreless
  • Show 7 - Midseason Premiere
    1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "All I Ever Need Is You" and banter about their summer show and Christmas holiday together.
    2. As Sonny recites his new poem, "What Is Life?", the choir members behind him fall asleep.
    3. Cher sings "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves"
    4. Sonny, dressed as Henry VIII, is given a citation for overacting by Glenn.
    5. "The Vamps" -- Cher appears as Nefertiti, one of the best-known Egyptian queens, with Harvey cast as King Tut and Sonny as the official taster for the king; the German songstress Lili Marlene (Cher) faces execution by a firing squad, until she gets kissed by a German sergeant (Harvey) who ends up riddled with bullets instead; and Sadie Thompson (Cher) agrees to help a preacher (Sonny) save a drunken bum (Harvey) from the demon rum.
    6. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "Love Grows" and "Where You Lead"
    7. Sonny turns to Harvey for tips on how to handle Cher's put-downs.
    8. Cher sings "One Tin Soldier", an anti-war song illustrated by cartoonist John Wilson.
    9. "All In the Familius" -- Robert is featured as Archie Bunker in an operatic satire of the popular sitcom, with Cher as his wife Edith, Sonny as his son-in-law Mike, regular Teri Garr as his daughter Gloria, and Harvey playing both priest and rabbi, getting a double dose of Bunker bigotry. (Carroll appears as the CBS censor, sent by the network to clean up the show.)
    10. Sonny and Cher close the show.moreless
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