The Sonny & Cher Show

CBS (ended 1977)





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  • Sonny and Cher singing and kind of acting and generally having fun with their friends.

    This is another 70's variety show, this one featuring the singing duo of Sonny and Cher. Sonny and Cher were a big at the time as a singing duo in the 1960's. They went through a couple very public rough patches including a nasty divorce. They patched things up good enough to do a variety show together and it was a big hit. This was their second primetime success. The show included sketch comedy and musical performances. Away from the show the two had much success with their music recording. Sonny went on to be come a Republican Congressman from California until his untimely death in a skiing accident. Cher continued her singing career and even moved into acting where she won an Oscar for her performance in "Moonstruck." Fun to watch at the time, I'm not sure how it would play today.