The Sonny & Cher Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Show 13

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1976 on CBS

Episode Recap

1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" and banter about the candidate they'll each be endorsing in this November's Presidential race. In a comedy blackout, Alvin (Sonny) tells Laverne (Cher) and Herbie (regular Ted Zeigler) he read in a fan magazine that Sonny and Cher are really brother and sister.

2. "Women Of Washington" -- Cher and Barbara appear as a pair of hometown girls from Tallahassee and Iowa who make a name for themselves in Washington, D.C.

3. "The Prisoner" -- Rocko's girlfriend (Cher) tells Rocko (Sonny) about her "hug therapy" treatments with the psychiatrist.

4. Having announced that they'll be going their separate ways at the end of the year, Tommy Smothers starts looking for a replacement behind his brother's back.

5. Cher sings "I'm Easy"

6. "Mother Goose" -- Mother Goose (Cher) presents a series of sketches spoofing famous nursery rhymes. In comedy blackouts, Jack Sprat (Sonny) tries getting his obese wife (Cher) to curb her eating; Little Boy Blue (Dick) is summoned by his mother (Barbara) to come blow his horn; and Humpty Dumpty (Tommy) appears in court to sue the wall he fell off of. (Sonny plays his lawyer, Dick Smothers plays the prosecuting attorney, Barbara is cast as the court reporter, and regular Ted Zeigler is the judge.)

7. "In the Beginning" -- Tommy and regular Ted Zeigler are featured in a sketch about the beginning of dogs.

8. "Morbid Manor" -- An evil baroness (Cher) plots to get rid of the long-lost rightful heir to the manor (Sonny), who arrives at the eerie mansion with his fiancee (Barbara).

9. Sonny and Cher close the show.