The Sonny & Cher Show

Season 2 Episode 6

Show 17 (Halloween/Election Day Episode)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1976 on CBS

Episode Recap

1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Still the One" and banter about Halloween and the upcoming Ford-Carter election. In a comedy blackout, Alvin and Laverne (Sonny and Cher) show up as trick-or-treaters at Herbie's (regular Ted Zeigler's) bar.

2. Cher sings "The Things That Go Bump In the Night"

3. Dr. Jekyll (Sonny) hosts an eerie party in which a special potion transforms his guests into Hyde-like creatures that terrorize the butler (Jim).

4. "The Bionic Draculas At Home" -- Shields and Yarnell portray Count Dracula and his ghoulish lady who are intent on sinking their teeth into the neck of an unsuspecting milkman (Sonny).

5. Sonny takes Chastity out trick-or-treating to Cher's house, where the tyke performs "Sonny Boy."

6. "Beauty and the Beast" -- Cher appears in a comedy sketch as King Kong's sweetheart, who's making arrangements to have her new lover pick up her parents at the airport.

7. "The Monster Dating Game" -- Wolfman Jim (Nabors) hosts the game show as Mary Jane Muffet (Cher) throws out questions to a three-headed spider (The Hudson Brothers) and selects her companion for an all-expense trip to Cleveland.

8. Cher sings "Home Again"

9. Alvin (Sonny) tells Laverne (Cher) about his honeymoon with wife Myrna.

10. Cher tells Chastity a spooky Halloween tale about a young devil (Jim) returning home from college for the ghoulish holiday with a surprise for his wicked family.

11. Sonny and Cher, with daughter Chastity, close the show with "I Got You Babe"