The Sonny & Cher Show

Season 2 Episode 12

Show 23

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 1976 on CBS

Episode Recap

1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "Don't Pull Your Love" and banter about the Christmas presents they gave each other.

2. "The Heartbreak Of Psoriasis" -- Sonny and Cher are cast as a philandering pharaoh and his unfaithful queen in a soap opera spoof set in ancient Egypt, where the inhabitants speak in the modern idiom of TV commercials. In tonight's episode, Queen Psoriasis (Cher) has fallen out of love with her husband and is having a torrid love affair with the slave Eczema (Don), while the Pharaoh Neuritis (Sonny) is secretly seeing the queen's handmaid (Joey) behind her back.

3. Cher sings "Yesterday"

4. A nervous Don goes into a singles' bar to meet a girl and mistakenly thinks a female voice he overhears is talking to him.

5. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "We'll Sing In the Sunshine" and "You Are My Sunshine"

6. Alvin (Sonny) asks Herbie (regular Ted Zeigler) to be the best man at his wedding and looks over travel brochures with Laverne (Cher) as they make plans for their honeymoon.

7. "Beauty and the Beast" -- Cher appears as King Kong's sweetheart, trying to get the ape to tell her about his therapy session with the psychologist.

8. Joey sings "What I Did For Love"

9. "The Prisoner" -- Rocko's girlfriend (Cher) confides to Rocko (Sonny) that she's going to college and is living in a fraternity house on the campus.

10. "Mother Goose" -- A representative from Planned Parenthood (Cher) stops by the home of the old woman who lived in a shoe (Don) to conduct a survey; and Mrs. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater (Cher) tells Mary Mary Quite Contrary (Joey) about how insanely jealous her husband (Sonny) is. (Don plays the telephone installer who accidentally staples his pants to the wall of the pumpkin, and regular Ted Zeigler plays Mary's husband, Jack B. Nimble.)

11. Sonny and Cher close the show with "I Got You Babe"