The Sonny & Cher Show

Season 2 Episode 15

Show 26

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1977 on CBS

Episode Recap

1. Sonny and Cher open the show with "My Cherie Amour" and banter about how they don't kiss on-stage anymore and some of the weird things that Sonny has done.

2. "Salt and Pepper" -- Pepper's understudy (Ken) hits Pepper (Sonny) over the head with a glass bottle in order to take his place on stage with Salt (Betty) to sing "You Were Meant For Me."

3. Cher sings "The Way We Were"

4. "The Channel 86 Cutesy News" -- Flip, Betty, Ken and regular Ted Zeigler join Sonny and Cher for a series of sketches and one-liners about the newly elected President Carter. In comedy blackouts, a construction worker (Sonny) is brought in to remodel the Carters' bathroom; Geraldine Jones (Flip), in her new job as the President's appointment secretary, tests the new country-hot line that was put in the White House; and a member from President Carter's personal staff (Betty) tries to break down the language barrier that now exists in the White House by teaching a stuffy administration secretary (Cher) "Carter talk."

5. Sonny and Cher perform a medley of "Let It Be Me" and "Bring It On Home To Me"

6. Italian film director Vente Nove (Sonny) shows a clip from his latest movie, "The Postman Always Knocks Because the Bell She Don't Work-a Twice." (Cher is cast as the waitress who feels she's wasting her life away in a crummy diner on the Pacific Coast Highway, Flip plays the truck driver she gets to kill her husband so that she can collect the insurance money, and Betty is the insurance investigator who comes to the diner to find out if the death was really an accident.)

7. Sonny and Cher close the show with "I Got You Babe"