The Sooty Show

ITV (ended 1992)


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  • Season 16
    • Sooty & Co. songs(Audio Cassette)
      All songs are written by Matthew Corbett, and are sung by Matthew Corbett, Connie Creighton,Soo, also Sooty and Sweep play the guitar and drums. This cassette was released in 1993. All the songs from this cassette are from the stage shows. It is now a very rare audio cassette. * = the song has been featured in a earlier episode. Side 1 1-Sooty & Co. Theme* Sung by Matthew 2-Sooty's Circus (from Sooty's Circus) Sung by Matthew and Connie 3-Give Me A Job In The Circus (from Sooty's Circus) Sung Soo and Matthew 4-Shall We Let Him Play? Sung by Matthew, with Sooty and Sweep playing their guitars 5-It's A Secret Sung by Matthew 6-Howdy Partners Sung by Soo 7-Cowboy Rock* Sung by Matthew and Connie Side 2 1-Creepy Castle Sung by Matthew 2-Bye, Bye Sooty Sung by Soo and Matthew 3-Three Legged Martian Sung by Matthew and Connie 4-Battle of the Drums* Sung by Matthew, also Sooty and Sweep play their drums 5-Home Sweet Home* Sung by Matthew and Soo 6-Goodbye song Sung by Matthew,Connie, Sweep and Soo 7-Sooty & Co. Theme*(Reprise) Sung by Matthewmoreless
    • Sooty songs from the Shows Volume 2(Audio Cassette)
      This cassette was released in 1990. All tracks are written, sung and arranged by Matthew Corbett. Although the songs are from the how they are all different versions. It is now a very rare audio cassette. Side 1 1-There's Only One Real Sooty (from 'Cuddly Toys')1986 2-Rolf and Joe play golf (from Sooty's Crazy Golf)1989 3-Love Makes The World Go Round (from Grin & Bear it)1989 4-A Dog Is A Man's Best Friend (from Sooty's Wants a Pet)1989 5-Honking Nose (from Honking Nose)1989 Side 2 1-Blame It On Scampi (from Little Cousin Scampi)1990 2-A Lullaby for Magical Bears( from Izzy Wizzy)1990 3-Keen To Be Green (from Oh!What A Load of Rubbish)1990 4-Sticky Situation (from Sticky Situation)1990 5-Sooty's Sootymobile (from Bangers and Smash)1990moreless
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