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  • the longest running children's shows in history.

    This is the one that started it off. Some say it's the best and others may say it went downhill when Sooty & Co relaunced the format in 1993. But it took me time to get around and do this but here's the summary of The Sooty Show.

    History was in the making back in July 1948. Harry Corbett who is the nephew of Harry Ramsden (the owner of the famous fish and chips shops). During a wet and miserable family holiday in Blackpool; Harry Corbett, a engineer and amateur magician from Bradford. Harry brought a glove puppet teddy bear for 7s 6d. in a store on North Pier, and at that moment Children's Television was born.

    Soon after Harry and his bear make his first appearance on BBC's Talent Night. He got massive success from his performance, but was as to make his puppet different from others. After several tries in changing the puppet, Harry took some soot from the chimney and blackened the eyes and the nose. When one of Harry's friends said 'It looks a bit Sooty' and so a legend was born.

    Sooty and Harry were regulars on Saturday Special until 1955 when the BBC give Sooty his own shoe imaginatively titled 'The Sooty Show'

    But Sooty could never do it without the help of friends. Let alone puppeteers in practise to make Sooty a real person and not apart of Harry's Hand. Sooty got best friends to help with his normal Mischief. Sweep join Sooty in 1957 and in 1964, Sooty had a girlfriend called Soo the panda. They were never allow to touch, kiss as even know at the time there was a lot of newspaper fuss that the BBC weren't allowing Sooty to have a girlfriend with headlines like 'No Sex for Sooty', 'BBC wont allow Girlfriend for Sooty' and 'No Love for Sooty' they draw the line that they weren't allow to touch.

    BBC cancels The Sooty Show for only one reason, The New head of Children's TV of that time wanted a blone-hair bimbo to replace Harry Corbett. Such a bad decision made by her and Harry, Sooty & Co went to Thames Television were they were treated like the super-stars they are.
    They put The Sooty Show in Colour and this was the best way to show Sooty's attics.
    With Matthew Corbett taking over from this father when he suffers from a heart attack. Matthews buys the whole company for £20,000 and at that time a great profit of 7s 6d (46p).

    Harry Corbett sadly passes away in 1989, with him spending his final days entraining children, he die happily and now we remember him and say 'Bye, Bye, Everybody, Bye, Bye'.

    In The 90's, Scampi join the show, while Thames Television loses Sooty Show franchise, this action ends the much-loved and long-running cult children's television show. When The Sooty Show ended here, its run in Oz came to a end on ABC TV.

    The Sooty Show is still much-loved by childhood, adults, grand-children and possibly Great grand-children. It's the reason why we are all here and Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Scampi lives on at Granada Television in a second hand junk shop that they called 'Sooty & Co'.
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