The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 13

All Due Respect

Aired Unknown Jun 06, 2004 on HBO

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  • Good episode

    Tony faces pressure from his own crew to give up his cousin to Johnny Sack. Tony does some soul-searching on Melfi's couch and finally decides on a course of action. A.J. proves himself to be a schemer, while Christopher tells Carmela that he and Adriana have ended their relationship. Tony meets with Johnny Sack to restore peace between Jersey and New York, but the Feds play a surprise card that sends Tony fleeing to safety. Not as good as previous but still stellar episode, Chris is obviously still upset about Adriana, while New Jersey are still angry with Tony B as he may get them all killed by New York after they already caned Benny Fazio and are hunting for chris, Tony is at a block and asks for Juniors help as a last resort, he eventually does the inevitable and kills tony B which annoys phil greatly as he wanted to kill Tony B, Johnny tells tony this and they have an early morning meeting the next day at Johnnys house to figure it out, after negotiating and arguing about the problem they reach an agreement when out from behing we see fbi rangers coming from behind where tony runs for the hills without telling johnny, johnny tries to get away but eventually gets caught and taken into custody while tony runs for dear life and throwing his gun away into the snow. Tony rings Mink and Mink says Jimmy Petrille ratted out a lot of the New York guys stuff dating back ten years and Tony was in no trouble despite his car still being there at johns house, Tony eventually walks through the snow and little river puddles and gets back home with Carmella saying what happened to you and the season ending there.
  • The season 5 finale is a awesome end to my favorite season!

    The episode starts off with Phil searching for Christopher to kill him for revenge of his cousin killing Phil's kid brother and because Tony wont give up the location of his cousin. Tony's crew is fearing for their lives thinking that they are going to be the sacrificial lambs even though Christopher is the main target. Tony is not going to let him have Christopher and after hearing complaints that he is not acting and is putting his crew at risk, he finally has an epiphany that he is a leader and leaders have to make important decisions to protect their troops. As Tony B is arriving at his hideout, he is greeted by his cousin Tony S with a 12 gauge to the head. Johnny Sack is furious that he killed him instead of turning him over to Phil Leotardo. So Johnny and Tony meet at his house where they talk things out and seemingly make peace. Then the feds show up and arrest Johnny while Tony escapes and has a long walk home.
  • This episode is the finale of the fifth season. It ends with Johnny Sack getting caught by the feds and Tony running away. We are left with several possibilities for season 6.

    An incredible episode that shows exactly why this show is so good. John Patterson directs this superb episode that was written by David Chase along with the great team that is Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green. This episode is so well written and directed because it has emotion and it ends the season of so well. Tony kills his cousin himself which we all could have expected but the creative team behind the show always delivers in a way that surprises us. A fine example is how it ends with Johnny Sack getting caught by the feds and Tony running away. Such a great piece of television. Won the Emmy for Best Drama deservedly so.
  • Season 5 Finale; Tony B. gets whacked by Tony S., Johnny Sack gets arrested when it comes out there is and was a rat in New York for 20 years, Chris has troubles dealing with Adriana's , and Tony S. escapes Johnny's house by running barefoot through

    I thought tonight’s episode was slightly not as good as last week’s. Just by a bit. It wasn’t as thrilling or heart pounding as last week’s, but it opened and closed a lot of doors, and it was kind of anticlimactic in a way. But that’s the thing I admired most about it, was that it was anticlimactic. I was talking to someone about The Sopranos, and they say they watch it for the shock value. But The Sopranos isn't about that. It is very realistic (from what reputed mobsters have said, along with F.B.I. specialists) and kind of like a splice of life. I admired it being kind of anti-climatic, because life isn't a soap opera. The bad guys don't always lose, and the good guys don't always win. Every detail isn't sewn up in a neat little package. Alot of people were ed the big war between The New Jersey Family and the New York Family didn't happen, but in reality, how often do those happen between modern organized crime families? Not really often, since the 1940s. I knew ever since Tony B. (Steve Buscemi) killed Philly Leotardo's brother, that one of the two was going to go. In tonight's episode when I found out Phil was a captain (a made guy who runs his own crew; a step up from being made), I knew Tony B. would die. W a captain from another and more powerful family would be the LAST mistake Tony Soprano would ever make. I thought it was very smart of Tony to kill Tony B. It was quick, painless, and Tony B. didn't have time to think about what was going on. I thought what Silvio told Tony was 110% right about the upcoming war with Johnny Sack having nothing to do with Tony's love for Tony B., but problem with authority (his problem with Johnny Sack ordering him around; commanding). Also what Dr. Melfi said to Tony was true, that his feelings for Tony B. don't spawn from love, but guilt and regret for Tony B. doing 20 years and not him. Tony B. was the best way to put any chance of a war to rest. Even though Johnny Sack was ed Tony killed Tony B., what is he going to do? Kill Tony B. again? No, the dispute will be solved involving money, not shed. Exactly what Tony Soprano can handle. And Phil Leotardo's ed off. So, who cares? He'll get over it.
    As for the ending of this episode, when Johnny Sack and Tony Soprano were discussing how to handle the situation above in the previous paragraph (well more then a paragraph, I just didn't really feel like dividing it), when those guys started to approach Johnny Sack's house, I thought for sure Johnny Sack set up an ambush for Tony Soprano to get clipped, but then when Tony Soprano dropped his gun while running, I realized it was the F.B.I. Watching Tony run was hysterical though. I also thought the attack on Benny by Phil Leotardo (which later resulted in Benny unconsious in a hospital bed) made me kind of nervous to watch, but not anything as near as nervous as I was when Phil Leotardo had a "chat" with Christopher's mother, or when Carmela asked Christopher, "How's Adriana?" I thought the episode didn't contain as much entertainment as it did subliminal messages. The major message that comes to mind is the story behind Paulie's painting of Tony turned Napolean with Pie-O-My (the horse). When Tony stares at it in the garbage, he has a revelation (which later ends up in Tony B.'s fall, and a settled score with Johnny Sack). The revelation is he is a general, or leader. He leads his people, with a gold plated sword (in this case fear, intimidation, or a gun). He is the boss. He is a general, or a leader. It is his job to protect his people, and make hard descisions. That kind of seems like it will be a major plot point in Season 6. This episode opened many doors for next season; Johnny Sack and most of the Brooklyn crime family indicted with many charges inculding numerous homicides over the span of 18 years. Also, the feeling of not being appreciated from Paulie, which may lead to him to work with Johnny Sack again, or even ... Little Carmine. Also, what is to happen with Meadow's engagement, or Tony's fear of his son A.J. being gay since he yearns to be an event planner (I don't think there is anything gay about being an event planner, but look how much Tony Soprano's view on life is screwed up.) It may be leaked that Vito is gay, and Raymond Curto has been working with the F.B.I. since Season 3. Will Silvio push Tony too far? Will Christopher be able to deal with losing Adriana? Will Uncle Junior finally jump the train to the afterlife? Nobody knows but the writers of the show.
    In closing I give the tonight's episode an A+. I thought it was EXCEPTIONAL! I especially liked the nice little touch the Van Morrison song had, and it is my 7th favorite episode of all time. I hope the final season is as good. They say Tony Soprano is going to die, but I have an idea to make it seem so, but not really be. Johnny Sack wires Tony's car with es. Instead of Tony using it, Father Phil borrows it for a camping trip. BOOOOOM!!!!! Everyone thinks Tony is , but he's not. Father Phil and Tony Soprano are the only one's at the Soprano house during the explosion. Tony decides to use this as his advantage to wipe out the entire New York family. The final episode everyone from the show gathers at his funeral, while Tony hides in the bushes violently smirking. As the camera zooms in on Tony's evil smile, we go to blackout... Thank you Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess and David Chase for an amazingly well written and realistic episode that reminds us all why the Sopranos is the best television series of all time. Overall Grade: A+
    Ranking in season: # 2 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 7 / 65

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