The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 13

All Due Respect

Aired Unknown Jun 06, 2004 on HBO

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  • The season 5 finale is a awesome end to my favorite season!

    The episode starts off with Phil searching for Christopher to kill him for revenge of his cousin killing Phil's kid brother and because Tony wont give up the location of his cousin. Tony's crew is fearing for their lives thinking that they are going to be the sacrificial lambs even though Christopher is the main target. Tony is not going to let him have Christopher and after hearing complaints that he is not acting and is putting his crew at risk, he finally has an epiphany that he is a leader and leaders have to make important decisions to protect their troops. As Tony B is arriving at his hideout, he is greeted by his cousin Tony S with a 12 gauge to the head. Johnny Sack is furious that he killed him instead of turning him over to Phil Leotardo. So Johnny and Tony meet at his house where they talk things out and seemingly make peace. Then the feds show up and arrest Johnny while Tony escapes and has a long walk home.