The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 12

Amour Fou

Aired Unknown May 13, 2001 on HBO

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    Tony must lay down the law with a distraught Gloria when she threatens to expose their affair to his family. Jackie seeks some advice from Ralphie and decides to pull a daring heist to prove himself, but his plans go horribly wrong when blood is spilled. Carmela takes an emotional dive and suddenly becomes interested in real estate. Once my big "twist" of Gloria being an undercover FBI agent went up into flames, I thought the relationship between the two kind of got a little boring for me. I know the main point of the past few episodes has been the problems that Tony has to deal with in his family life and with his mafia life, but adding in Gloria only fueled more into the part of the show that everyone isnt as interested in - his family life. The rest of the episode was solid, just nothing amazing. Jackie Jr is getting himself into more trouble by the epiosde and I think the next epiosde is going to be the end of him as far as being alive on the show is concered. Carmella going on a nervous breakdown was poor writing too. Carmella, similar to Junior, is only good I believe when she is acting with another big member of the main cast. Overall, decent episode but not as good as the rating the site gives it.
  • I like the Tony that is presented in this episode!!!

    This episode was more than enjoyable...It was great...Some characters in this show are developing in an interesting manner...Gloria is a very insecure woman, who has the type of behaviour that makes those around here reject her...Tony, with all his sins is a responsible man, who cares for his family, and as Dr. Melfi said, he would never leave them...Jackie Aprile is in a very difficult position, due to a big mistake he makes...Carmela has some suspicions regarding her health, but fortunately she is wrong...Ralph is not sure whether to kill Jackie or not and hopes that by going to Tony, he will find an answer...But Tony leaves him do what he pleases.
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