The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 5

Another Toothpick

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 2001 on HBO

Episode Recap

Although very sick, Bobby's father comes out of retirement to kill his godson, Mustang Sally. He is being killed for beating a guy to the point of being brain dead, after his girlfriend asked him for a ride. Both Bobby and Junior are weary about Bobby's dad being the one to kill the guy. Both are worried something will go wrong.

Adriana finally gives into Chris' pressure and quits her job at Nuovo Vesuvio. This upsets Artie Bucco, who has been secretly in love with Adriana for quite some time. While Tony and Chris are eating dinner at Nuovo Vesuvio, Artie (who is very drunk) sits down at their table and begins to take shots at Chris. Chris stands up and holds a knife to Artie's neck, Tony breaks it up and Artie confesses his love for Adriana to Tony.

After talking it over with Dr. Melfi, Tony decides to invite Carmela to join Tony on his therapy sessions. Although Tony is open to the idea, he becomes a mute once the session begins. Expressing his anger after one of the sessions, Tony is greatly speeding while driving. The cop comes up to the car door and Tony attempts to bribe the cop off. Tony becomes very angry when the cop writes him a ticket, and in result uses his connection with Zelman to make the guy lose his job. Tony later feels bad though and attempts to give the guy money, but it isn't accepted.

Bobby's father stops by Mustang Sally's house to perform the hit. He acts like everything is ok, and as Mustang is filling up a glass of water for him, Bobby's father pulls a gun to his head and is about to fire it. Mustang's friend walks by and sees what is going on, Bobby's father struggles, but manages to kill both of them. Driving down the road, Bobby Sr. has one of his coughing fits while smoking and needs his inhaler. However, Bobby's father drops it, can't reach it, and while trying too wrecks the car and kills himself.

Meadow takes the lamp that the FBI has bugged to college, and after learning of Bobby's death, Junior tells Tony why he didn't want Bobby's dad to make the hit. Junior admits to being diagnosed with cancer, and is worried he will be the next to die.
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