The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 5

Another Toothpick

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 2001 on HBO

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    A very long episode that came across in a very boring way, which is surprising considering all the mafia stuff that was going on in this episode. I thought Junior having a big portion of the episode was a problem. Similar to Livia in the past, I dont think many people can connect with Junior and scenes he is in tend to come across as boring. He also opposes Tony a lot, which makes me not really want to see him on camera all that much. This episode seemed like bits of pieces of a bunch of storylines instead of focusing on just a few. I think Tonys crew needs to get more involved in the writing process of the show to pick up a third season that is trying to pick up a theme for the season. There really hasn't been one to this point and this season seems to be a random assortment of mini plotlines without tying back into anything. Nothing was made of Jennifers rape in this episode, which makes last episode look like nothing more then a standalone episode. Things have to drag over from episode to episode in order for me to have an attachment to them. Why bother have someone rape her if the guy will never been seen of again. Im making a lot of assumptions but coming off the best episode of season three this was not the episode I wanted or expected to see.