The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 13

Army of One

Aired Unknown May 20, 2001 on HBO

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  • Where is Robert Iler (AJ) on the MVP poll?

    Who the hell assembles the actors for the MVP poll? I wanna vote for Anthony but his spot is taken by cameo characters with one line. Robert Iler (AJ's actor) has turned out to be a very subtle actor. When his voice got all high with held-back tears in the scene where he tries on his Gerard Way costume... You could follow AJ's emotional arc through that scene pretty clearly, while at the same appreciating that he's trying to hold everything in. Robert Iler does that really well, not hitting you over the head with it. In fact on the whole he's portraying Anthony Jr's depression in a realistically restrained fashion. I dig it. I dig the character and I dig him. He deserves to be on the MVP poll.

    Also, seeing Janice at the end cracked me up.
  • Review

    The end of season three has arrived and I must say you really have to dig deep to find the main theme of this entire season. Reading on the internet it seems the "theme" of this season was supposed to be Tony's two families - his home family and his mafia family. However, to say that that was the theme of your season is a little much - you could have said the very same things about seasons one and two.

    Overall though, I thought it was a pretty good finale. There was nothing to really say wasn't there - Paulie looks to be getting a little annoyed over some of Tony's antics. It could be a result of the events that we saw in Pine Barrens, I just wonder if the writers will take that over into the next season. Jackie Jr wasnt a "major" cast member for me but his death with surprising, considering how early it came into the episode, yet in a way expected. I liked the way everyone came together - it was a nice way to get some character interactions. I liked AJ's role in this episode with Carm and Tony as well. Being kicked out of school and having the chance to go to military school, only to pass out like his dad. At first I wondered the point of the whole thing if he was just going to pass out, but I think its to show hes a little more like Tony as he gets older. Overall, really good season - Not sure if it beats 2 for me, but I enjoyed it overall.
  • AJ is expelled, Jackie Jr. gets killed, and Meadow understands the families like never before.

    I'd like to make a case that "Army of One," though not well regarded at the time, is the best episode in The Sopranos history. The beauty of David Chase's scripts - even the one he cowrites - is the way small moments that appear like nothing can impact you more and more days after viewing it, the way a million possibilities rise out of moments you didn't even realize were out of the ordinary. To me, The Sopranos has always been about the changing of one age to another, of life after the fall - there's a new age for everyone, and nothing's as easy as it once seemed to be. In "Army of One," Tony, on the verge of tears, says to Dr. Melfi, "what can we do with this kid?" about his own, and must make the decision to kill his best friend's. When did parenting get this tough? Shouldn't the generations see eye to eye? The key scene of the conflict is Meadow's drunken outburst of "Oops I Did It Again" over Junior's crooning of an old Italian song, and running off from Tony into traffic. Tony has, ultimately, lost his children due to his decisions, ones rooted in an era that won't cut it anymore. The moment he quietly says to Dr. Melfi that maybe Meadow should "get away from me for a while" shows his hard coming to terms with his decisions - the closer she gets to understanding him, the more danger she'll be in. This episode crystallizes the overarching themes of the series with the most humane and moving way possible - by simple, nonjudgmental observation.
  • 7.6
    The sudden end to Jackie Jr. (it's all sudden ends in this show isn't it), and some revelations to the Soprano family. This episode was really good. It was a turning point in Tony's relationship with AJ, as we see Tony killing himself to make sure that AJ avoids Jackie Jr.'s fate at all costs, and how saddened Tony was that AJ has the "Soprano curse" of the panic attacks. Meadow is the one bad in this episode as it's really hard to read her. She's obviously saddened over Jackie's death, and she suddenly jumps to defend The Family when it's attacked by Jackie's sister, but the immature bread throwing and total freak out at the end of the episode, and for that matter in the car with Carmela isn't quite fleshed out, and left me scratching my head and curious about this distraction.
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