The Sopranos

Season 2 Episode 10

Bust Out

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 2000 on HBO

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  • The rift between Tony and Richie escalate but the heat is put on Sal when the FBI thinks he had a part in the Bevilaqua murder.

    When a witness positively identifies Tony Soprano without knowing who tony really is, Tony tries to keep a low profile while thinking for the worst and thinking that he could possibly lose his family if he had to go to prison and starts voicing his feelings to his kids.Its Hilarious when the witness finds out that the guy he identified as the shooter is Tony Soprano and him and his wife starts freaking out and decide he didnt see what he thought he saw lol. Sal continues to rat about things going on in Tony's operations by giving the FBI the names to the key contributors to Wibistics.
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    Tony begins gathering cash for a possible getaway when he learns of an eyewitness to the Bevilaqua hit. The Feds turn up the pressure on BP when they learn of his involvement in the murder. Richie tries to enlist Junior in a move against Tony. Carmela has a romantic encounter with her paperhanger. This episode had some moments to it, but Im still looking for the episode that is going to set up the finale and the show only has a couple left. The main story archs of the season are the introduction to Richie and the man who is getting further and further into debt. Christopher taking another episode off was kind of a surprise, considering how important he is the the overall storyline. Tony goes through a lot in this episode when he thinks he is going to go to jail. Carmella kissing the wallpaper man in her house was certainly unexpected. You see Tony pondering about going to jail and the actions he takes to protect Carmella, only to watch her do something like that. The side story with the man in debt kind of moved along slowly, we get what he is going through and hes said it on camera one to many times.
  • Great twist in events.

    Things get really interesting for Tony. Its funny to see even the mob has intelligence gathering. The network of information works both ways. The good and bad guys manipulate the information to their advantage. Its interesting to see Tony tell the Doctor that he has to miss a couple of future appointments because of work. The plot between Richie and his scheme for Tony's demise is starting to move forward. Now one thing I didn't expect was Carmela's attraction and choices with the contractor. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander in this case. Carmela is not the type of person I expected to cheat.
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