The Sopranos

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Sep 29, 2002 on HBO

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  • the funniest sopranos episode

    this episode has the distinction of being the worst of the sopranos. I watched it yesterday and it made me laugh like no other episode. instead of being seen as the worst, it should be seen as the funniest.

    some of the funniest stuff:

    -Ralph's obnoxious introduction to the Indian woman and the look on her face

    -Artie being hit with a slurpee at the protest and hiding cowardly in the car

    -tony to AJ: "so you finally read a book and it's bullshit"

    -hesh's argument with his cuban friend about colombus and hitler

    -Ralph's reaction after Janis pushes him down the stairs

    and don't miss the final scene in the car with tony, sil, chris, and patsy

    overall I really enjoyed this episode. it's definitley worth watching.

  • The Soprano family and "family" have troubles with Colombus day in general, Bobby's wife dies in a terrible car , and Carmela and the mob ladies are humilated at an Italian pride lunch meeting.

    A very unde episode, featuring the debate on Christopher Columbus day between the Native Americans and Italian-Americans. Everyone I know pans this episode, but I thought it was well-written and well-directed. It didn't focus on main plot points, but I found it interesting. It kind of showed what different Italians from different backgrounds felt on the whole Colombus controversy. It is exciting and fun to watch, and takes you out of the world of illegal activity, and features a major shocker by having Bobby’s wife get killed in a car . This episode will sadly go down as one of the worst, but it is quite the contrary in my book. Too bad it isn’t as good as last week’s “No Show”. Grade: A-
    Ranking in season: # 6 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 44 / 65