The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 10

Cold Cuts

Aired Unknown May 09, 2004 on HBO

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  • A slight difference in the way the editing and the story telling are handled - a fortunate surprise.

    Mike Figgis (, who also directed Leaving Las Vegas ( made a great job on this episode, which is the only Soprano he ever worked on.

    Compared to most of the other episodes, the editing on this one is sharper and breaks the rythm of the previous episodes of the 5. Also the dialogues, by extansion, appear more revealing. The duet between Chris and Adrianna - around the 13th min on that link ( - is once again a great piece of acting.

    A very interesting episode indeed, which shows that slightly different teams can very often participate in making the show even richer that it was. Yes, it's possible.
  • Tony B. and Chris take a trip with Tony S. to upstate New York to dispose of some buried bodies on an old mafioso's farm. Tony Soprano's relationship with Johnny Sack bitters, while Janice is forced to attend Anger Management therapy when she beats up a m

    A very entertaining and enjoyable episode of The Sopranos. Opens doors for the last three episodes, like the war between Johnny Sack and Tony Soprano. Looks like Tony Soprano will finally take Little Carmine’s side. The ’s soccer game videotape of Janice was priceless and hilarious, and even more funny was her anger management session when she told a black woman she wasted her life involved in the black civil rights movement, because all “they” do is go around blasting loud music and shoot people. I found the plotline with Christopher and Tony B. burying those three bodies kind of disappointing, but the scene where Tony Soprano and Tony B. ganged up on Christopher, and he later cried reminded us all these “mob” people aren’t just monsters, they are real people with real feelings who do bad things. I was very disappointed they didn’t shed some light on Vito being a salami smoker, but maybe next episode. The Dr. Melfi session in the episode was boring and time consuming, however the final scene with Janice and Tony was one of the most priceless and shocking Sopranos moments of all time from a behavioral stand point. Overall Grade: A-
    Ranking in season: # 8 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 36 / 65