The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 11

Cold Stones

Aired Unknown May 21, 2006 on HBO

Episode Recap

Tony walks into his house to see Carmela yelling at Anthony. Apparently AJ was fired from Blockbuster for selling promotional items. His response "Well maybe I care about the environment. Did that ever occur to you?"

Carmela can not go to sleep because of AJ. Tony tells her the reason AJ ended up this way was because they spoiled him. Meadow comes in and tells her parents that she is going to move to California with Finn. Meanwhile Anthony is behind the door eavesdropping on their conversation.

At a warehouse, Tony meets with Phil to talk about the "no-show jobs." They come to some agreement.

Tony is in the kitchen eating, watching the History Channel as usual, when Carmela enters and tells Tony she won a trip for two to Paris. She asks Tony to come along but says he can't. She brings the idea up to go with Rose.

Tony is reading a newspaper at a mall when he is surprisingly interrupted by Vito. Vito asks him if he can get back "in." Vito blames his blood pressure medicine for his homosexuality. He tells Tony that he can come back to the crew but work somewhere else. Tony doesn't want to hear it and leaves.

Carmela is packed up and ready to go but not before Tony gives her a purse with lots of money in it.

At the mall, Vito tells his children that he is working for the CIA. He tells them not to tell anyone that he is home. Marie asks him how long until he can move back in with them. He tells her in a few days and that things are looking good.

Vito returns to his hotel room and calls his ex-boyfriend and tells him he misses him. He responds "I don't want to hear your voice. Don't ever call me again!"

Vito meets one of Phil's guys in the supermarket who is having trouble with his spouse about child support. He offers to give him some money.

Phil meets up with Tony near some statue to talk about Vito's whereabouts. Phil knows that Vito is in town and is mad that Tony hasn't dealt with him yet. Tony storms off mad.

At Paris, Carmela and Rose are at Café ordering food. They make their way to find The Louvre, when they suddenly see the fascinating statues on the street that stop them in their tracks.

Back in America, some guy is cleaning the Bada Bing Sign and Silvio tells him "make sure you clean that shit off her tit." Tony tells Silvio to forget about Vito's proposal and that Vito has to go. They decide to give Carlo the job to kill Vito. Tony goes in the Bada Bing and hears a message Carmela left him while looking at a dancer.

Carmela and Rose stumble across a plaque. It says a French Resistance member was shot by German officers in the same spot the plaque was put. They walk into a Cathedral and Carmela sees Rose lighting candles.

Tony drives home the dancer he was looking at earlier while she "whistles his weasel." After that Tony receives a call from Vito to see if he considered his offer. Tony tells him to meet him at the mall at 11:00 to talk about who Vito's contacts are. As Vito enters his hotel room, he is ambushed by Phil's guys. Phil comes out the closet he was hiding in and sits in front of Vito and tells him "you're a fucking disgrace." Phil's guys then beat him to death.

Bobby comes into the backroom of the Pork Store and tells the crew that Vito was found beat to death with a pool cue up his ass. Carlo comes in with the same info "Jimmy Olsen over here"- Silvio. Tony pulls Silvio aside and talks about how Phil has been acting lately. They get interrupted by a phone call from Carmela. After that Sil and Tony elaborate more on Phil.

Phil and his wife arrive at Marie's house. Phil tells her he'll take care of the funeral arrangements and that it will only be immediate family.

Tony talks to Melfi about how much he hates AJ. He tells her about the recent lazy things he has done that infuriates him. Melfi tells him his anger has been building for a long time. "I couldn't even hit him if I wanted to, he's so fucking little," and blames his thinness on Carmela's side of the family using her father as an example.

Carmela is dining with Rose at a restaurant. She tells Rose she saw what she did in the church and asks her if she wants to talk about Jackie Jr. Rose response "We are on vacation. We are having a beautiful dinner. Why would you even bring this up?"

In the back of the Pork store, Silvio tells Carlo they need an exterminator. Dom comes in and starts talking about Vito. "That pool cue, I wonder if it was chalked." says Dom. He 'breaks balls' too much and ends up with Carlo's knife in his stomach. Silvio and Carlo decide what to do with Dom's body. Tony knocks on the door and surprised that it's locked. Silvio tells him he does not want to come in. He takes a look at the body and just leaves.

Tony comes home and pulls AJ from his friends to talk. He tells AJ he hooked him up with a job. "You're going to be working construction, burying cement in a wheelbarrow." To prove he's serious he smashes the windshield of AJ's car.

Carmela has a dream with Adrianna. Adrianna tells Carmela she found her dog and a French cop tells Carmela "your friend, someone needs to tell her she's dead."

Vito's kids read a newspaper and they find out that their dad was not a spy and was killed for being homosexual.