The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 11

Cold Stones

Aired Unknown May 21, 2006 on HBO

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  • Another GREAT episode. Just perfect, the two killings are classics.

    Another GREAT episode.
    Just perfect, the two killings are classics.


    Vito gets whacked at the motel by Phil and a couple of NY Capos.
    This is the best episode of the season, and one of the best of all time.
    But now its interesting because i am sure most of us thought that vito was gonna get whacked in the season finale, and now that leaves the finale wide open. i sure hope that it is phil that is gonna be next and i hope that they brutally torture him. something is going on with chris also. i am sure it will be a good ending of the finale until jan 2007.

  • Vito gets whacked at the motel by phil and the ny boys,carmela and rosalie take a trip to paris, while tony has fun with a hooker in his suv. aj must either get to work or he is outta the house. silvia and carlo brutally whack one of phil's boys

    I have to say that this far has to be the best one of the season, so far. Finally it had the action and violence we've all been waiting for, and back to the old school ways like seasons 1 and 2. but now its interesting because i am sure most of us thought that vito was gonna get whacked in the season finale, and now that leaves the finale wide open. i sure hope that it is phil that is gonna be next and i hope that they brutally torture him. something is going on with chris also. i am sure it will be a good ending of the finale until jan 2007.
  • Love it when guys get stabbed in the gut 5-6 times by a large butcher knife.

    One of the best episodes of the year because it had the shocking and brutal whackings. The Sopranos are probably going to war with the New York family. Let's see, Carmela goes to Paris, Meadow moves to California, and AJ gets taught a life lesson by pops. Tony smashing the football helmet through AJ's windshield was classic. As for his other family, Vito contacts Tony. After thinking it over, Tony decides to have Vito whacked. However, Phil Leotardo and his NY boys beat Tony to the punch. Tony and crew do not like this. Finally, when one of Phil's crew makes a payment to Sylvio, he gets brutally whacked by Syl and Carlo. Stabbed in the gut 6 times by the large butcher knife. Brutal, brilliantly done, and it made me cringe for the whole scene. It has to be the most brutal killing in the Sopranos history. Heck, Christopher should of just filmed that and put it in his movie.
  • No wonder I watch the show!

    The show is getting great and still the best show
    On HBO despite the cursing, language, and sexuality and that I will be saddened when it leaves for good next year.
    But better to go out on top if you ask me.
    Carmela goes with Rosalie on a vacation while Tony deals with the mafia and his own family!
    Great acting and writing!
  • "I walked in on AJ and I saw him giggling on the computer typin away in some little chitchat room talkin to some other fkn jerkoff. I just wanted to slam his fkn face into it."- Tony Soprano


    Woooo what an episode. It ranged from Tony finally realizing how spoiled A.J is and finally doing something to keep him out of future trouble, to Carmella finally getting a chance to finally unwind in Paris away from the struggles of her half retarded son (A.J), to an upcoming war between New York and New Jersey. Let me start with Phil Leotardo who I once respected in Season 5. He showed that he was all walk and all talk by threatening and destroying those friends of Tonys that stepped in his way of looking for Tony Blundetto. But this season, he has crossed the line by killing a made man even though it was going to be dealt with by Tony the next morning. It was done by Phil only to build his pride as well as to gain more respect and fear from others. That only shows us fans that he is only out for himself and will go against anyone to do so. Too bad Johnny Sach is no longer able put Phil in line, so in that case he may be the next one as Boss for New York. Also Carmella's trip to Paris that supposedly gave her an enlightened look on life and a new beginning will finally be crushed when they left her in the last forshawdowing scene where she was washing his clothes. Possibly going to discover Tony's infidelity left behind?? Who knows. Onto A.J we see that he feels that Meadow is leaving him behind in having a life by moving away, but will not cross his dad when giving him a job. It was finally great to see the end of the Vito situation even though it was stretched to too many episodes. However, the directors did a great job in having some episodes the gang not to dwell on riding Vito. Now Tony is stuck with the problem of whether he should back his crew for killing Phil's guy or to play the "I donno what happened "card. With only an episode left for this season, we can only see a mob war occuring.
  • Vito gets reamed, meanwhile Carmela takes a trip to Paris. How is this related?

    I guess it is not related, although I am sure that there is imagery in the Paris trip that relate to the things back home, such as the neon pig that Carmela photographs. Overall, I am not sure why the Paris trip is so important to the plotline that it should take up so much time in the episode. However, I feel it was nice to see Carmela out of New Jersey and I can't help but feel that her character will be changing real soon in some way.

    AJ being forced to work construction is a neat twist. The AJ character is now being forced to grow up, and we all know that he is a chip off the old block. I can see that his progression to become Tony will accellerate now.

    As for the killings in this episode, finally all the blood-thirsty fans of Sopranos have something to celebrate. However, I am not one of those. I like to see some action in every episode, but I also enjoy the deep character development that occurs in The Sopranos.

    It was good to see the Vito character finally get whacked. The alternative lifestyle storyline was too much for me and it had gone on too long. If I want a story of love between two men, then I will watch "Queer as Folk"... and of course I do not watch that show.

    Vito's murder was brutal and it is a good thing they did not show the actual murder, as being reamed by a pool cue is not something that makes for good TV. Watching Vito's children read the newspaper headlines in the aftermath was heart-wrenching. This is what Sopranos is all about.... they will have a storyline about a homosexual mobster, and they will have him brutally killed and in the end they focus on his kids. If you were wondering what type of show this is, this says it all.

    What does the next epiosde hold? Will there be more bloodshed? There is certainly going to be a threat of more bloodshed as the New Jersey and New York familes are setting up for a huge war.
  • This redeems last weeks slower episode.

    Man, this show is good. People either love it or hate it. This episode makes up for the slowness of last weeks show. People either love or hated the premise of Vito being gay, and at first I was uncomfortable also, but the guy he meet in New Hampshire was so cool and honest that I got into the storyline, then all of a sudden they kill the guy? (Vito)
    I mean, they could have really got some mileage out of the gay plot but as usual for the Sopranos (just like they did with Adrianna) they kill off an interesting character. Who knows, maybe that\\\'s what makes \\\'em succesful. What makes the Sopranos great are the subtle NUANCES of everything they say and do. I had to watch it a second time to pick up on some of what was said, or to catch a code or phrase I missed the first time.
    Like when the gang was talking about Vito\\\'s demise and one of the boys say, \\\"I should\\\'a borrowed money from him\\\" and you see one of the guys WHO DID borrow money before Vito was killed kinda smile. And the guys stabbing the guy from the NY crew was CLASSIC Sopranos, filmed just like a couple of 50 year old guys WOULD kill somebody. Although Tony is the central character, everybody else is pretty interesting also. All in all a good episode.
  • Kinda disappointing but not a terrible episode

    Honestly, this episode and the past 2 have been a little disappointing. They're not bad episodes, just realtive compared to the earlier episodes of the seasons.

    Most regular watchers would have predicted that Vito was going to be killed and the way he was killed was also not unexpected.

    A couple memorable quotes in this episode. "The homicide detective said they found a pool cue shoved up his ass" was wrong but hysterical.

    One thing I do have to say, for an older woman, Rosalie Aprile looks damn good. I guess thats what a lot of makeup and a good cameraman can do.

    I really hope though that the final episode this season is going to be really spectacular.
  • 2 parts good plus 1 part bad equals an average episode. Why is Sopranos trying to waste money any way they can?

    We finally understand why Vito\'s been featured so promonently in recent episodes. While some find it distasteful, it\'s to help show later that when Vito comes back and says \"It\'s over\" we know the truth that he\'s lying.

    Yes Vito does come back, and his story for the most part is wrapped up. We even see that Tony decides that it\'s over for him, so the only person who was on his side has now turned on him. His ending though is definitely going to brought up again. With a New York mob boss coming in and taking over when New Jersey has it already handled, we\'re going to see a lot of problems arise from that, of course Philly Leotardo has the problem with the Blundetto slaying to fall back on.

    Basically to sum all that up, it\'s a perfect killing, and the characters are all maneuvering around it. Wonderfully set up and done.

    Apparently it\'s buy one get one free, there\'s another murder, of a loudmouth borrower of money. Well done as well, showing us that Carlo, who was supposed to kill Vito, and Silvio, while hating Vito, still defends him like always, as he is still one of theirs outside the bosses\' table.

    The acting and building up to this point has been well done and continued this season. Stories about people are brought up and you\'re brought in to the table and episode like before. Though it\'s not constant, because of the third story, that will be mentioned later.

    The second out of three stories that the episode focuses on is AJ and Tony\'s problems. While it hasn\'t been concluded, Tony definitely reaches his boiling point, and it\'s understandable, AJ is getting more and more like Tony at times, and then at other times he\'s becoming a loser. Tony finally has it out with him, and it works well with the other story. It\'s more of a step though then the final jump.

    Finally we have the \"France\" story, with Carmela and Rosalie going to France. There was a few revelations there, but by and large that section of the story was extremely dull. I don\'t mean \"nothing major happened\" I mean the story just kept on going, and it was extremely boring, every time a scene shot in France came on it just started to make the audience sleepy.

    Rosalie and Carmela both were well acted, but it feels like they could have set the scene in Kansas (for what ever reason they traveled there) and the scene would have worked just as well. We do get a dream scene from Carmela which is somewhat interesting and revealing for Rosalie who is still in denial.

    Basically the season is ending and the episode is definitely is closing the door opened this season but with the huge waste of money to go shoot in France with little return, the episode definitely suffers quite a bit as the France scenes just were devoid of interesting subject matter.

    If we could remove any France scenes, this would be a show that belonged in the \"golden\" age, the first and second season where there\'s violence and plot being developed. Even with the less than average French scenes included and it\'s definitely going to be a fan favorite, just for the ending of the Vito arc. However it\'s just not a very good episode on it\'s own and that\'s where it ends up.
  • Move over Valium...there's a new sleep inducer in town!

    Oh...My...God...what a boring episode. I wanted to enjoy it. I really did. But watching Carmella walk around snapping pictures in Paris and waxing philisophical and reflecting on the finer points of her life was like going to Aunt Ruth's house to watch her slide show of her latest trip to the Grand Canyon!

    I nearly lapsed into a coma!

    The 2 death scenes redeemed the show somewhat, though I thought the Vito death was a bit anti-climactic after such a LONG build-up. I did like how Phil literally "came out of the closet" just before Vito died though. Was this symbolizing Phil's own hidden homosexual tendencies? Is that why he had to be so vocal about his disapproval of Vito's lifestyle? He saw him as a reflection of himself?

    I dunno...and honestly I don't really care. The Vito story went on way too long.

    As far as the other death, who the h eck was the guy who died? There are so many damn characters in this show now that I can't remember who the hell is who anymore. I barely recognized the big fat slob who died so I didn't really care about seeing him get stabbed to death. It just seemed sort of contrived.

    The AJ story is going on too long. Lord, Anthony, be the big fat mob boss that you are and kick AJ's ass so we don't have to put up with him any more.

    All in all, a boring, catatonic snooze of an episode.

    Now, all you hardcore Sopranos fans who can't admit that every episode is anything less than absolutely perfect, go ahead and click the old disagree button.

    Then, go back and watch any episode from season 1 or 2 and see if you remain convinced that this season is anywhere near as good as those classics! I'm sorry...Carmella slugging around in Paris for 30 minutes of the show just doesn't compare to Paulie and Christopher lost in the frigging woods...not even close!
  • Why do I keep watching this show?! This review is really just a rant that built up over the course of this season.

    I thought last week's episode was the worst episode ever (it was). But this week, they spent 30 minutes of their 1 hour show covering Carmella in France, while she was enthralled with French architecture. What do I care about France? So she took some pictures of neon pigs swilling a martini or something...classy. Is it interesting that Tony controls Carmela and does not want her to be independent? NO! No one cares about the spec house or any of her attempts at independence.

    And the news that Meadow is moving out came out of nowhere, and I still haven't seen any nipple from that girl! I'm begging the producers to tell Meadow that she will be a star if she gets naked. It will save this crappy season.

    The worst part about this entire episode was that the Sopranos practically dedicated this entire season to the gay fat man, and they don't even show his death! But at least they finally killed Vito--5 episodes too late.

    AND ANOTHER THING! There is only one episode left, and do they air it next week so I can stay up to watch the episode because of the holiday here?! NOOOOO, because that damn show is airing the season finale in 2 weeks! Now I'll have to ask a friend to TIVO it for me. This is the worst show ever. I need to go to Sopranos Anonymous because I am powerless from stopping myself from watching this godawful show. My girlfriend asked me why we have to watch this crappy show, and I told her that I don't know why but I have to.
  • More good plots? Fugeddaboutit!

    I don\'t understand at all why everyone seems to be loving this season so much. Seasons 1-3 were great, and we may not want to admit it but 4 and 5 were noticeably declining in quality. Still enjoyable at times, but definitely not the same anymore. As for Season has been a steaming pile of crap about 90% of the time. It\'s just been horribly dragging on with the same few plots that are not moving the series along in any direction, especially considering this was supposed to be coming to an end. We get to spend several hours watching Tony in the hospital. If this had actually been the end of the series maybe there would have been a point to this, but it was extremely obvious that he was not going to die, so why do we have to sit through several hours of the \"oh no will he be ok?\" crap? Not only that but the whole point seemed to be once he woke up that he was going to be changed forever due to his experience. Yeah. He hasn\'t changed at all. It was completely pointless. Then we get to sit through another 5 hours of oh what will happen to the gay mobster??!?! Here\'s a hint. THEY KILL HIM!!! what the hell did you think was going to happen to him?? This could have been interesting if they didn\'t drag it out for so many episodes when we all knew how it was going to end yet again. and then there\'s this episode...what the hell?? did they really think those were good scenes with Carmella?? did they sit there and plot out \"hm let\'s have Carmella go to France and stare deeply at statues. oh and we\'ll film it in real time so you can sit there staring at the statue with her. in complete silence.\" yes that\'s not at all boring or awkward. great job guys. the writers had a chance to end this show well, but clearly they have chosen to simply cash in on the name some more. I know a lot of you will think \"oh but it\'s not just about the mobster stuff and violence\" or \"it\'s a DRAMA show, that\'s what\'s happening real life drama things!\" or blah blah blah. you know what? it\'s A SHOW ABOUT MOBSTERS. yes there is drama, but it needs both. that\'s what made it such a success in the first place. good writing and characters and fun action moments. take away one or the other and it\'s just another typical show. and the drama only works if things actually happen. if I wanted this kind of crappy \"oh no problems at home with the uppity kids\" drama I would go watch the WB. Please just whack Tony already and put us all out of our misery.