The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 11

Cold Stones

Aired Unknown May 21, 2006 on HBO

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  • This redeems last weeks slower episode.

    Man, this show is good. People either love it or hate it. This episode makes up for the slowness of last weeks show. People either love or hated the premise of Vito being gay, and at first I was uncomfortable also, but the guy he meet in New Hampshire was so cool and honest that I got into the storyline, then all of a sudden they kill the guy? (Vito)
    I mean, they could have really got some mileage out of the gay plot but as usual for the Sopranos (just like they did with Adrianna) they kill off an interesting character. Who knows, maybe that\\\'s what makes \\\'em succesful. What makes the Sopranos great are the subtle NUANCES of everything they say and do. I had to watch it a second time to pick up on some of what was said, or to catch a code or phrase I missed the first time.
    Like when the gang was talking about Vito\\\'s demise and one of the boys say, \\\"I should\\\'a borrowed money from him\\\" and you see one of the guys WHO DID borrow money before Vito was killed kinda smile. And the guys stabbing the guy from the NY crew was CLASSIC Sopranos, filmed just like a couple of 50 year old guys WOULD kill somebody. Although Tony is the central character, everybody else is pretty interesting also. All in all a good episode.