The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 11

Cold Stones

Aired Unknown May 21, 2006 on HBO

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  • 2 parts good plus 1 part bad equals an average episode. Why is Sopranos trying to waste money any way they can?

    We finally understand why Vito\'s been featured so promonently in recent episodes. While some find it distasteful, it\'s to help show later that when Vito comes back and says \"It\'s over\" we know the truth that he\'s lying.

    Yes Vito does come back, and his story for the most part is wrapped up. We even see that Tony decides that it\'s over for him, so the only person who was on his side has now turned on him. His ending though is definitely going to brought up again. With a New York mob boss coming in and taking over when New Jersey has it already handled, we\'re going to see a lot of problems arise from that, of course Philly Leotardo has the problem with the Blundetto slaying to fall back on.

    Basically to sum all that up, it\'s a perfect killing, and the characters are all maneuvering around it. Wonderfully set up and done.

    Apparently it\'s buy one get one free, there\'s another murder, of a loudmouth borrower of money. Well done as well, showing us that Carlo, who was supposed to kill Vito, and Silvio, while hating Vito, still defends him like always, as he is still one of theirs outside the bosses\' table.

    The acting and building up to this point has been well done and continued this season. Stories about people are brought up and you\'re brought in to the table and episode like before. Though it\'s not constant, because of the third story, that will be mentioned later.

    The second out of three stories that the episode focuses on is AJ and Tony\'s problems. While it hasn\'t been concluded, Tony definitely reaches his boiling point, and it\'s understandable, AJ is getting more and more like Tony at times, and then at other times he\'s becoming a loser. Tony finally has it out with him, and it works well with the other story. It\'s more of a step though then the final jump.

    Finally we have the \"France\" story, with Carmela and Rosalie going to France. There was a few revelations there, but by and large that section of the story was extremely dull. I don\'t mean \"nothing major happened\" I mean the story just kept on going, and it was extremely boring, every time a scene shot in France came on it just started to make the audience sleepy.

    Rosalie and Carmela both were well acted, but it feels like they could have set the scene in Kansas (for what ever reason they traveled there) and the scene would have worked just as well. We do get a dream scene from Carmela which is somewhat interesting and revealing for Rosalie who is still in denial.

    Basically the season is ending and the episode is definitely is closing the door opened this season but with the huge waste of money to go shoot in France with little return, the episode definitely suffers quite a bit as the France scenes just were devoid of interesting subject matter.

    If we could remove any France scenes, this would be a show that belonged in the \"golden\" age, the first and second season where there\'s violence and plot being developed. Even with the less than average French scenes included and it\'s definitely going to be a fan favorite, just for the ending of the Vito arc. However it\'s just not a very good episode on it\'s own and that\'s where it ends up.
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