The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 11

Cold Stones

Aired Unknown May 21, 2006 on HBO

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  • "I walked in on AJ and I saw him giggling on the computer typin away in some little chitchat room talkin to some other fkn jerkoff. I just wanted to slam his fkn face into it."- Tony Soprano


    Woooo what an episode. It ranged from Tony finally realizing how spoiled A.J is and finally doing something to keep him out of future trouble, to Carmella finally getting a chance to finally unwind in Paris away from the struggles of her half retarded son (A.J), to an upcoming war between New York and New Jersey. Let me start with Phil Leotardo who I once respected in Season 5. He showed that he was all walk and all talk by threatening and destroying those friends of Tonys that stepped in his way of looking for Tony Blundetto. But this season, he has crossed the line by killing a made man even though it was going to be dealt with by Tony the next morning. It was done by Phil only to build his pride as well as to gain more respect and fear from others. That only shows us fans that he is only out for himself and will go against anyone to do so. Too bad Johnny Sach is no longer able put Phil in line, so in that case he may be the next one as Boss for New York. Also Carmella's trip to Paris that supposedly gave her an enlightened look on life and a new beginning will finally be crushed when they left her in the last forshawdowing scene where she was washing his clothes. Possibly going to discover Tony's infidelity left behind?? Who knows. Onto A.J we see that he feels that Meadow is leaving him behind in having a life by moving away, but will not cross his dad when giving him a job. It was finally great to see the end of the Vito situation even though it was stretched to too many episodes. However, the directors did a great job in having some episodes the gang not to dwell on riding Vito. Now Tony is stuck with the problem of whether he should back his crew for killing Phil's guy or to play the "I donno what happened "card. With only an episode left for this season, we can only see a mob war occuring.
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