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Jun 19, 2016
14 of the Worst TV Dads of All Time
This Father's Day, be glad you weren't stuck with their duds.
Dec 05, 2015
Sopranos Actor Robert Loggia Dies at 85
He also appeared in Scarface, Malcolm in the Middle, and Mancuso, FBI.
tv, it's what's for dinner
Nov 25, 2015
8 Delicious and Inviting Shows to Binge-Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend
If you've got nothing on your TV-viewing plate this holiday weekend, come on over to the TV.com table because there's something for everyone.
don't stop asking
Aug 27, 2014
Sopranos Creator David Chase (Sort of) Answers the "Is Tony Dead?" Question, Ruining a Great Ending (UPDATED)
Seven years after the HBO drama cut to plant, Chase has begrudgingly revealed the mobster's fate; here's why we shouldn't have.
America! F Yeah!
Jul 03, 2014
7 Fantastically Fun Shows Worth Binge Watching This Fourth of July Weekend
Instead of spending Independence Day in the ER, try watching these totally addicting shows instead.
oh crap!
Jun 16, 2014
Game of (Porcelain) Thrones: The 16 Most Iconic TV Toilet Moments
Want to reminisce over the most iconic TV bowel mo(ve)ments off all time? Urine luck!
cord-cutters unite
Apr 24, 2014
News Briefs: Oh Snap, Netflix! Amazon and HBO Have Inked a Streaming Deal
Plus: J.K. Rowling is headed to HBO, Best Week Ever is dead again, the final two SNL hosts of the season, and Netflix orders its first Spanish-language series.
big things are happening
Feb 13, 2014
Change Is Coming to HBO Very Soon
The next 12 to 18 months are going to be very interesting for HBO. Here's why.
we're all masochists here
Sep 19, 2013
News Briefs: Check Your DVRs, Breaking Bad's Final Two Episodes Will Run Long
Plus: Justified's getting more Wynn Duffy, the British are invading Hulu, and Taye Diggs is visiting New Girl.
september madness
Aug 27, 2013
The Best TV Pilot of the Last 15 Years, Part 2: Vote Now on The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Shield, Pushing Daisies, and More
We've engineered a bracket-style race featuring the 16 best pilots of the last decade-and-a-half, as chosen by your trusty TV.com editors. Now it's up to you to crown a winner.
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Meet Tony Soprano: your average, middle-aged businessman. Tony's got a dutiful wife. A not-so-dutiful son. A daughter named Meadow. An uncle who's losing his marbles. A hot-headed nephew. A not-too-secret mistress. And a shrink to tell all his secrets, except the one she already knows: Tony's a mob boss whose troubles are wrapped up in his two families. These days, it's getting tougher and tougher to make a killing in the killing business. Just because you're 'made' doesn't mean you've got it made.moreless