The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 3

Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a loud truck horn blowing. Christopher and Filone are delivering the load of Italian suits back to Junior that they stole. Christopher notes that Filone could have just rung the doorbell. Two men come out and ask them what they are doing. Christopher tells them that they found the truck on the side of the road with transmission problems and they decided to bring it to them. The men are not fooled and know that the truck is the one that was stolen in Newark. The man demands to know what happened. Christopher pulls his gun and fires two shots into the air. Christopher tells him that the truck is a gift from Tony. Christopher and Filone flee the scene and the two men run inside to call the police.

In the car, Filone is still angry that they had to return the biggest score this year. Christopher tells Filone that Junior has been pressuring Tony since the truck was hijacked. Christopher states that Filone is lucky to still be alive after what happened.

Junior and Palmice meet at a restaurant to talk. Junior asks Palmice what Comley told him. Palmice says that there were some things missing from the truck, but he's just glad to have the truck back. Palmice adds that Comley wanted to thank Tony and if he needs anything then Junior is to call them. Junior is confused about why Comley would care about what Tony wants. Junior is angry because Christopher and Filone work for Tony. He notes he was the one that was able to get the truck back to Comley, and they want to thank Tony. Palmice tells Junior that he should've taken care of Christopher when the hijackings started. Palmice says that Junior needs to send a message to let people know not to mess with him. Junior tells Palmice to take it easy and notes that they aren't making a western movie. Junior notes that he does a lot of things for Tony and adds he bought AJ a $400 surfboard.

At Dr. Melfi's office, Tony reads a newspaper. He stares at a painting of a farmhouse that is on the wall. He walks up to it and stares at it closely. Dr. Melfi comes out and invites him in. Tony asks Dr. Melfi if the painting of the farmhouse and the old rotted tree is a trick picture. Dr. Melfi states she only bought the painting and it was from a gallery in Provincetown. Tony really thinks that the painting is a psychological trick. He says it reminds him of a Korshach Test. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he thinks she's here to trick him. Tony doesn't think so. Dr. Melfi asks Tony what the picture tells him. Tony thinks the picture just brags that the painter was from Harvard and it's trying to trick someone into putting thought into a rundown barn and a rotted-out tree. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if the picture is depressing and scares him. Tony states it isn't that way to him, but it has those frameworks built into it. Dr. Melfi asks Tony how things are. Tony states that he actually had a good week. Tony adds that the only thing wrong with his week is that Aprile is in the hospital. Dr. Melfi asks Tony what Aprile is in for. Tony says that it was originally thought to be an ulcer, but it turned out to be cancer. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he's worried. Tony thinks that Aprile is so mean that he'll scare the cancer out of his body.

At the hospital, Palmice visits with Aprile. He looks at the IV and asks him if it's really true that they make sure there's no air in a person's veins. Aprile is confused. Aprile's wife, Rosalie, assures Aprile that he's in a good hospital and that won't happen to him. Palmice states that air in the IV could kill him. Palmice asks Aprile if he knew about Tommy DiPalma having cancer. Palmice adds that he has it worse than Aprile because it's in his brain. Tony, Hesh, Paulie, and Silvio arrive to see Aprile. Tony greets Palmice and notes it's nice to see him in men's clothing. Palmice jokes that he should grab a fire extinguisher. He alludes to Artie's restaurant catching on fire and he knows of Tony's involvement. Rosalie announces she's heading down to the cafeteria to bring food up for everyone. Palmice tells Aprile he has to leave to run some errands. Aprile tells Palmice to send Junior his love. Tony adds to Palmice that he sent the truck back to Comley.

After Palmice leaves, Aprile breathes a sigh of relief. Aprile states that Palmice is a nice guy, but he's like the Grim Reaper. Aprile tells them that Palmice told him every person he knows that had cancer while he was here. Paulie tells Aprile that he might be a candidate for clinical trials. He tells him about stem cell research. Silvio berates Paulie and notes that Aprile doesn't want to hear anything else about cancer. Silvio asks Tony if he knows Shlomo Teittleman that owns the motel down the street from Bada Bing. Tony admits he doesn't. Silvio tells him that Teittleman is the Jewish man with black clothes and curls. Tony asks Silvio what Teittleman wants. Silvio says that Teittleman wants his son-in-law to divorce his daughter. Aprile asks why that's necessary. Silvio says that the son-in-law won't give the daughter consent to the divorce unless Teittleman offers him fifty percent of the motel. Paulie notes that Teittleman should just have his son-in-law killed. Silvio states that is something his religious beliefs won't let him do. Tony asks Hesh what he knows about Teittleman. Hesh suggests that Tony not bother with it because he doesn't want to get in business with Teittleman. Silvio informs everyone that they will be paid $25,000 if the job is done. Aprile tells the guys that he's heard enough and adds he wants to get some sleep. Hesh tells everyone to head downstairs for some coffee.

At the school, the chorus is practicing their song for their upcoming concert. Meadow and Hunter both have solos, but are very tired. Meadow is not paying attention and comes in too early with her solo. The teacher, Miss Marris, notes that Meadow just jumped her cue. Hunter cuts in and tells Miss Marris that they are tired from studying for the SATS. She tells her that they were up until 2:00 a.m. Miss Marris asks Hunter if she's Meadow's lawyer. Hunter states she isn't. Miss Marris, though, is not happy that the school scheduled their SATs the same week as the concert. Meadow cuts in and says that they're on the same day. Miss Marris is taken back with that information.

After class, Meadow tells Hunter that if they are kicked out of Concert Singers then their best extracurricular activity is gone. Hunter adds that they wouldn't be able to go to Berkeley then. Meadow tells Hunter that she is waiting for the day when she will be on the other side of the country away from her parents. Meadow hopes she can get into Berkeley. Hunter adds that she's tired of the East Coast and wants to head out west. Meadow says the only way that can happen is if they don't sleep until after the SATs.

At their new house, Charmaine Bucco is busy moving boxes around. Tony and Carmela drop by to see the place. Charmaine tells Tony that Artie is downstairs with the plumbing. Carmela says that the coziness of the place and congratulates Charmaine. Charmaine tells Carmela she didn't have to do this for them. She notes that they don't see each other as much as they used to. Carmela tells Charmaine that she wants all of that to change.

Outside, Artie is working on cleaning the garage. Tony comes out and notes that the place looks very nice. Artie agrees, but adds that a lot more work needs to be done. Tony offers Artie some cash until the insurance on Vesuvio comes in. Artie states that they might have an Italian president before he sees the restaurant insurance money. Tony thought it was all settled. Artie states that the police are doing another arson investigation. Tony notes that Artie is a hard worker and doesn't understand why the cops are hassling him. Artie states that it doesn't make sense that someone would burn down his restaurant. Tony stares into emptiness because he did burn down Vesuvio. Tony tells Artie he's sorry about his situation. Artie notes that life goes on and adds he could become a plumber. Artie tells Tony to come to the kitchen with him so they can grab a beer.

Outside Satriale's Meet Market, Tony meets with Shlomo Teittleman. Silvio and Paulie join them. Teittleman brings along his son, Hillel, to the meeting. Teittleman notes that Tony knows the story about his daughter and son-in-law. Silvio tells Teittleman that Tony has been informed. Teittleman asks Tony if he has a daughter. Tony says he does. Teittleman asks Tony what he would do if his daughter was being abused by her husband. Tony says that he would talk to him and Silvio adds a ball peen hammer would be brought along. Teittleman believes that Tony understands his anger. Teittleman says that his son-in-law isn't just harming his daughter, but also the laws of marriage. Tony tells Teittleman that they should understand each other from the start. Tony tells Teittleman that he is simply in waste management business and he's only here to help because he's Silvio's friend. Tony says that there is a chance he can help him with his family problem. Tony says if he can do it, it will make him happy. Hillel tries to protest Tony's assistance, but Teittleman tells him to stay quiet. He tells Hillel to save his criticism for when he gets home. Tony understands that Teittleman is getting shaken down for 50 percent of his motels. Teittleman says that is true. Silvio adds that the squads that used to go around and beat husbands that beat their wives were put out of business when the District Attorney started to dig in. Tony says that he hopes to be able to bargain with the husband to give him 25 percent of the motels. Hillel doesn't understand why Tony would say that, but Tony notes that he isn't talking to him. Hillel tells Teittleman that he is creating a golem and a monster to do his dirty work. Hillel believes that Tony will destroy them. Teittleman ignores Hillel and tells Tony that if he gets him what he wants then they have a deal. Tony appreciates their business. As they leave, Hillel is still in total disagreement and states that once Tony is in their motels they will never be able to get him out.

Paulie and Silvio travel to the motel to talk to Teittleman's son-in-law, Ariel. Ariel approaches them and asks what they want. Silvio tells Ariel that they want to talk to him about his father-in-law. Ariel informs them that Teittleman isn't at the motel right now. Silvio says he's aware of that and says that their business is with him. Silvio states that it revolves around the problem that he's having. Ariel tells Silvio that any problem he is having is none of their business. Ariel tells them to leave. Silvio tells Ariel that Teittleman is a friend. Ariel tells Silvio that he has no idea what is going on between the two of them. Ariel feels that Teittleman is an arrogant, ignorant control freak. Ariel states that he is the one that made the motel as well as their flyers and business breakfast. He feels that he has made a lot of the improvements to the motels so he owes him. Ariel says that he intends to get what he deserves. Ariel tells them not to find themselves embarrassed and tells them to leave. Paulie and Silvio note that they are not embarrassed at all. Paulie and Silvio shove Ariel onto the counter and Paulie tells him to stop bothering Teittleman about a 50% cut because he has nothing coming to him. Ariel curses at them. Paulie picks up the bell on the desk and starts to beat Ariel over the head with it.

Later that night, Carmela informs Tony that the Pediatric Hospital's Charity is hiring Artie and Charmaine to cater the event. Tony tells Carmela that they don't open their house up to strangers. Carmela jokes with him and says they should just move back to Italy. Tony hears loud music coming from Meadow's bedroom and calls into the room to tell her to turn it off for the night. Carmela tells Tony that she tried to find nice things to say about the Bucco's new house. Tony states that the house is nice and just needs a little work. Carmela states that the Buccos are broke after the fire at Vesuvio. Tony states that if the insurance would finally pay out then the Buccos wouldn't have any worries. Carmela asks Tony if it really could have been an arson. Tony asks Carmela why she is asking about that. Tony calls into the room again to tell Meadow to turn the music off. Carmela decides to go tell her to turn it off.

In her room, Meadow is talking to someone on the phone and is upset that someone wasn't able to get enough of something for them. Carmela comes in to find Meadow and Hunter studying. She tells them that they are going to damage their inner ears with that music. Meadow states that they are studying. Hunter adds that they are doing practice tests and they are very hard. Carmela asks Hunter if her parents know she is here. Hunter says they do and Meadow adds that Hunter is staying the night. Carmela tells them that they need to go to sleep because it's late. Hunter tells Carmela that they still have six more chapters to go over. Carmela asks that they at least turn the music off if they are going to study. When Carmela leaves, Hunter picks up the phone and tells their friend, Matt, that if he doesn't get them some crystal then they are going to fail their tests.

The next day, Charmaine talks with Carmela about the budget for the Pediatric Children's Hospital. Charmaine is glad that they can help out a very worthy cause. Carmela calls over the housekeeper, Oona, to clean fingerprints off of the breakfront. Carmela says that Oona does a very good job and she came here from Poland.

At the Moltisanti residence, Christopher is watching an episode of a television show. A man is being put inside of a cop car and Christopher complains that the cop wouldn't call the felon, sir, if the cameras weren't there. Filone tells Christopher that he should call Tony so he can talk to Junior so that they can get more money for the cable bill. The doorbell rings and Adriana answers the door. It's Meadow and Hunter. Christopher asks Meadow why she's here. Christopher asks Meadow what she wants. Filone jokes that Meadow just came here for him. Meadow tells Filone to think again about that proposal. Christopher asks Meadow why she's really here. Meadow admits to Christopher that she and Hunter need some crystal. Filone asks the girls if they have money. Christopher says that it doesn't matter because they're not giving her any. Meadow protests, but Christopher says that Tony would kill him if he gave her drugs. Christopher asks Meadow when she started using speed. Hunter tells Christopher that they need it to study for exams. Christopher tells them that it doesn't matter why they want it because he isn't giving it to them. Meadow states that they were going to try asking him before they traveled down to Jefferson Avenue. Christopher warns Meadow not to go to Jefferson Avenue because the dealers will rob the girls and rape them before they sell them speed. Meadow tells Adriana she doesn't understand what she sees in Christopher. The girls leave, and Filone notes that nobody told him goodbye. Meadow flips him the bird and leaves. When the girls leave, Adriana tells Christopher that he can't let the girls go to Jefferson Avenue. Christopher doesn't think Meadow will really go down there. Adriana notes it's better if she gets it from him rather than the people that poison it on Jefferson Avenue. Filone states that there really is no way to protect children in this day and age.

At the hospital, Tony visits Aprile. Aprile asks Tony why he's visiting so late. Tony says that AJ stepped on a nail and had to get a tetanus shot. Aprile asks AJ where he's at. Tony says that AJ is with Carmela at the ER. Aprile asks Tony about Teittleman and the motels. Tony says that Ariel wasn't willing to give in to their demands. Tony says that they are going back later. A nurse comes in saying that she left her pen in the room. Aprile tells the nurse that she's in the wrong room because she's not his nurse. The nurse says that she made up the bed. Aprile says she's mistaken because he hasn't left the bed all day. The nurse starts to grab Aprile and he's confused about what's going on. We soon realize that the nurse really isn't a nurse as her bosom is exposed from her outfit. The nurse is actually one of Tony's girls here to give Aprile some entertainment. The group starts to laugh as Aprile realizes Tony's joke. Aprile asks the girl who she is. The girl responds that it's time to give him a sponge bath. Tony leaves so the two can have fun.

The next morning, Tony has a session with Dr. Melfi. He tells her that he was able to get his friend from the club to cheer Aprile up. Tony says that he brought some alcohol up later and they had a little fun. Dr. Melfi thinks it was nice for Tony to have a party for Aprile. Tony starts to look around the room and notes that Dr. Melfi went to Tufts Medical School. Tony notes that Dr. Melfi is a doctor and asks her what she thinks about Aprile's condition. Dr. Melfi states that she would need to know more about his condition. Tony reminds her that Aprile has cancer. Dr. Melfi asks what kind of cancer it is. Tony tells her that it's in the intestines. Dr. Melfi notes that Aprile might have to go home because Tony told her they might not operate. Tony states that Aprile is next to something vital. Dr. Melfi doesn't think the situation sounds good. Tony notes that he isn't a doctor so she shouldn't go by what he's telling her. Dr. Melfi asks Tony why he's angry right now. Tony states that Aprile has had chemotherapy every day for three weeks and he still has all of his hair. Tony berates Dr. Melfi for telling him how it sounds because she doesn't know him or Aprile. Dr. Melfi feels that they are getting closer to Tony confronting his true feelings about what's going on. Tony notes he told her his true feelings and she should tell him what's really going on. Dr. Melfi says that the tree in the painting was rotted out and nothing indicates that it is. Tony really knew that the painting was a scam. Dr. Melfi reminds Tony about his dream with the ducks and how it had a meaning. She asks Tony what happens to a tree when it's rotted out. Tony is angry with her and says that she thinks everyone is lying to her while she is pulling scams on them.

At the catering, Carmela is taking orders for the food and is getting great donations. She hopes that they ordered enough champagne. She sees Christopher enter and walk upstairs. Upstairs, Christopher gives Meadow the speed that she wanted. Christopher tells Meadow that if anyone finds out that she got the speed from him he is dead. Christopher acknowledges that the two of them don't always get along, but if she says anything to anyone then he is a dead man. Meadow promises not to tell anyone and thanks Christopher. Christopher also tells Meadow that this is the only time he will do this for her because he isn't a drug dealer and he doesn't want to see her get poisoned by the dealers on Jefferson Avenue. Christopher reminds Meadow that if Tony finds out he's in trouble. Carmela comes in to see the two talking. Meadow asks Carmela why nobody knocks anymore. Meadow plays it off like they were talking about Filone and tells Christopher that Hunter would never go out with Filone. Carmela tells Christopher to keep Filone away from the children. Christopher states that he was only doing a favor and that's it. Carmela tells Christopher to let Meadow study. Meadow picks up the phone and dials Hunter.

While Artie and Charmaine make the food, Artie notes that it would be funny for the hospital to name the new hospital wing the Soprano Wing and have it fitted with bulletproof glass. Charmaine isn't as receiving of the jokes and tells Artie that he is just jealous of the Sopranos' money. Artie reminds Charmaine about the Caribbean tickets that were offered out of friendship, but she wouldn't take them. He asks why it's okay that he takes Tony's money for the party. Charmaine states that this is different because it's a paying job. Charmaine tells Artie he shouldn't exaggerate all of the time. Artie also notes that Charmaine doesn't mind Tony offering them money so he can buy a new location for Vesuvio. Charmaine really hopes that he didn't take money from Tony. Artie asks how it is different. He states he needs a place to cook since he is a chef. Charmaine notes that she is giving Carmela all of her support for a good cause. However, Artie taking Tony as a business partner in Vesuvio is different and absolutely insane and would mean the end of everything. Artie states that Tony only made a gesture. Artie dares Charmaine to name another person that has offered to help them in their time of need. Charmaine is only concerned about Artie cooking the food right.

At the Soprano residence, Carmela talks with one of the representatives of the hospital. Carmela thinks the event is going well and asks if she likes the food. The woman says that she's been so busy talking she hasn't really had much to eat. Carmela calls Charmaine over so she can serve the woman some food. Charmaine stares at Carmela with a little distaste in her look, but heads towards her.

Elsewhere, we hear sounds of Paulie and Silvio kidnapping Ariel. They open up the trunk of their car and throw Ariel inside.

Back at the charity, Tony tells Artie that he can't get used to having strangers in his house. Artie asks Tony why he invited them. Artie gives Tony a piece of food for him to try. Tony does and says that Artie is a good cook. Artie tells Tony that when he cooks like he is, he says it reminds him of what he lost. Artie states that it was tough to have his restaurant taken from him and says it was like losing a limb. Tony tells Artie to forget about the past and look towards the future. Tony yells at Artie and says he's tired of hearing about Vesuvio. He calls Artie a depressing jerk. Artie yells at Tony and says he doesn't know anything about it. He throws some food in Tony's face. Tony chuckles and throws a piece of food at Artie. The two start to have a food fight in the kitchen and start to laugh at the fun they are having. Carmela looks in to see the two having fun.

Paulie and Silvio take Ariel to the upper part of Satriale's Meat Market. Ariel cowers in fear, but Paulie says that this is because he won't say yes to a divorce. Ariel tells Silvio it isn't as simple as he thinks. Paulie and Silvio beat him and say that he only had to sign his name on a piece of paper. Ariel tells Paulie he really doesn't like him. Paulie states that the feeling is mutual. Ariel notes that Paulie doesn't just work for nothing. Paulie thinks they should force-feed him the hat. Ariel states that he has provided money to his wife whenever she asked for it. He notes that he has worked for Teittleman for 20 years and has put up with his abuse. Ariel states that he doesn't deserve to walk away with nothing. Paulie tells Ariel that's just the tough luck about the situation. Ariel attacks Paulie and Silvio has to hit Ariel with a ball peen hammer. Silvio tells Paulie that if they don't kill Ariel then they should put him to work.

Elsewhere, Tony is enjoying himself with Irina. He notes that it was hard to get away from the party to be with her. Before Tony can have his way with Irina, his phone rings. Tony answers it and it's Silvio. Silvio tells Tony that things aren't working out as they hoped with Ariel. Tony tells Silvio he'll be right over. Tony tells Irina that he has to go. Irina is upset because Tony just arrived. Tony apologizes, but says it's urgent. Tony looks into one of the paintings at the motel and thinks he sees the barn and rotted-out tree in the background. Tony asks Irina what the painting means to her. Irina states that it reminds her of David Hockey.

Tony arrives at Satriale's. He walks upstairs to find Ariel tied up. Tony tells Ariel that most men would be happy to be rid of their wives. Silvio tells Tony that he tried to explain the reality of the situation to Ariel, but he has remained stubborn. Silvio tells Tony that he thinks they need to kill him and that's why they called. Tony reminds Silvio that he promised Teittleman he wouldn't kill him. Silvio states that there's no other way. Tony addresses Ariel and tells him that he is a stupid man. Ariel states that he has heard that before. Tony is angry that Ariel is acting proud of that. Ariel tells Tony that if he kills him then a dark cloud will form over Teittleman's home. Ariel says that restitution must be made. Tony notes that Ariel would let him kill him. Ariel asks Tony if he's heard of the Masada. Ariel tells them that for two years, 900 Jews held their own against 15,000 Roman soldiers and chose death over enslavement. Ariel tells Tony to think about where the Romans are now. Tony notes that technically Ariel is looking at them. Ariel starts to recite Jewish proverbs.

Tony steps outside and dials Hesh. Tony tells Hesh that he's with Ariel and he has used every tactic he can think of. He says that Ariel won't listen to reason. Hesh reminds Tony that he warned him to stay out of the fight. Tony states that Ariel is leaving him with no other option. Hesh says he has an idea. He says that Ariel might be willing to go to the next life, but if he is stuck on the Earth then there is one thing a man doesn't want to go through life without. Tony gets the point and thinks that's a good idea. Tony yells down to Paulie and tells him to get the ball cutters out of the truck.

Carmela tells Charmaine about the success of the charity and says that many people have called in with donations. Carmela states that she was even invited to brunch with some of the executives. Carmela says that in the end it was the food that captured everyone's attention. Carmela tells Charmaine that she couldn't have done it without her and says it meant so much having her here. Carmela asks Charmaine if something is bothering her and asks what's on her mind. Charmaine states that there's nothing wrong. Carmela promises Charmaine that while things are hard now, she and Artie will be back on their feet again in no time. Charmaine states that she's fine where she's at. Charmaine states that she never wanted to tell her this, but it even happened before she and Tony were married. Carmela asks her what happened. Charmaine recounts that Carmela went to the shore with her parents that summer and she split up with Tony. Charmaine states that Tony called her and they were dating each other for a time and they slept together. Carmela can't believe Charmaine slept with Tony. Charmaine says it wasn't for her and she broke it off. Charmaine states that she's telling Carmela this to let her know she can stop worrying about her. She says that both of them made choices in life and she's fine with hers.

The next morning, Tony finds Silvio and Teittleman arguing about something. Tony asks Silvio why he paged him. Teittleman is very angry about the arrangements. Tony notes that Ariel granted his daughter a divorce. Teittleman states that it wasn't because of Tony, but because they threatened him with castration. Teittleman states that business was what Ariel was interested in and in the end he was able to split the difference at 15% for Ariel and he is divorcing his daughter. Teittleman promises Tony that he will take good care of him. Teittleman hands Tony a check and says that this is for his services. Tony throws Teittleman up against the wall and notes that he wants to give Ariel 15% of the motel then that's his choice. He tells Teittleman that it comes out of his pocket. Tony notes that they got him the divorce so he needs to get them the Mob's 25%. Teittleman states that Hillel was right and Tony is a living golem. Tony wants to know what a golem is. Teittleman states that a golem is a monster. Tony forces Teittleman out.

Tony visits Aprile at the hospital and we see that the cancer is taking its toll. Aprile is starting to lose his hair and looks older, sicker, and weaker. Tony tells Aprile that they are in the motel business. Aprile doesn't really care and asks Tony to read the thermometer. Tony states that the temperature reads 102.7 degrees. Aprile thinks they should take his temperature with the other machine. Tony tells Aprile that Paulie may have broken his hand on Ariel's head. Tony starts to tell Aprile about what happened, but Aprile is more concerned about his temperature. Tony realizes that Aprile is close to death.

At Green Grove, Junior helps Livia to get the room organized. Junior tells Livia that it's horrible to see what is happening to Aprile. Livia states that God has his reasons for doing things. Junior tells Livia that Aprile looked twice as hold as he is. Livia asks Junior what's on his mind. Junior says that Christopher is on his mind. Livia asks Junior what Christopher did. Junior tells Livia about Christopher and Filone hijacking his trucks. He notes that the two then hide behind Tony for protection. Livia states that Tony always thought of Christopher as a son and she feels the same. She states that Christopher put up her storm windows for her. Junior doesn't know what he is supposed to do. He states that he can't let Christopher and Filone walk all over him. He doesn't know how far he's to let this go before he starts to hold Tony responsible. Livia suggests that Christopher needs some talking to. Livia states that Filone is a hard case. Junior tells Livia that she has a lot of sense. Livia thinks that she's just babbling like an idiot. Livia says that this is the reason Tony put her in a nursing home.

Tony meets with Dr. Melfi and tells her that Aprile didn't care that he was there. Tony says that the cancer has taken over Aprile. Tony feels like Aprile is already gone. Tony tells Dr. Melfi that someone called him a Frankenstein today. Tony says that Teittleman and others like him stick close to their beliefs. He notes that they are not afraid of death and neither was the one he had to deal with. Dr. Melfi thinks they have the belief because they are afraid. Tony states that he isn't afraid of death if it's for something. Tony says that would be like dying in a war and says that has a reason. However, Aprile was a strong man and he has withered away into nothing and he can't do anything about it. Dr. Melfi notes that Tony seems to envy Teittleman and his beliefs. Tony states that all of this is for nothing, but asks why he still thinks about it. Dr. Melfi notes that's part of the mystery. She says the mystery of God and why they're given the questionable gift of knowing that they're going to die. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he feels like Frankenstein lacking humanity and human feelings. Tony stares at Dr. Melfi with a look on his face that would indicate that he does.

Later that night, the chorus is performing. Tony comes in to listen to the chorus and is amazed by the singing. He finds Carmela and sits down with her. Elsewhere, Christopher buys ice cream from a truck. He starts to walk down the road when two men grab him and start to drag him towards the docks. Christopher tells the men to let him go. The men sit him up. Christopher thinks that they are Tony's men and he's found out that he gave speed to Meadow. Christopher pleads with the men and says that if he wouldn't have given the speed to Meadow she would have gone to Jefferson Avenue and she would have been beaten and raped. Tony pleads with them and says he doesn't want to die now and begs them to listen to him. The man says something in a native language and fires the pistol. However, it's empty. The two men kick Christopher over and leave him on the dock while Christopher tries to collect himself after just escaping death.

Back at the chorus concert, Meadow and Hunter are able to perform their solos successfully. We then transfer to Filone sitting in his bathtub smoking a cigarette. A silenced gun appears in the corner while Filone has his eyes closed. Filone is awakened and stares at Mikey Palmice holding the gun at him. Palmice says, Hijack, Bye Jack, to him and shoots Filone through the eye. Filone stiffens up and dies. A pool of blood starts to form in the tub. As Palmice walks out, Junior is also standing in the living room smiling as he realized that he settled his problem. The episode ends with the chorus finishing up their song.

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