The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 3

Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1999 on HBO

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  • This episode hits it off!

    Okay, if u've watched the first two episodes and didn't enjoy the show so much and thought u'de stop watching this show. Watch this episode and im sure it will hit it off. This episode has done it for me, and i find my self starting to get interested in this show. Gonna be watching the 4th episode tonight, hope things only get better. The bond you see in this episode between the guys is really nice, it just shows how close they are with each other and how important family is. My hopes are high for this show. Later
  • Maintains the high level of drama expected

    It is simple amazing when writers, producers and directors have no limits on creativity. I really like how the show shows the human side of even bad guys. Bad guys have feelings too. This episode demonstrates how complicated life can be even for the wise guys. We get to see how deals get made, side deals and deals get broken. I like how religion was brought into the show. The terms used and how they are explained. And finally we get to see a mob hit. It was only the second death in the series but the first actual hit. What was also great was the food fight between Tony and his buddy Artie. Really shows the human side of him. Good to watch, just make sure you see the unedited version.
  • Review

    Without a doubt I think that this was the best episode so far of the young season. We have our first somewhat major death with Jack getting a bullet at the end of the episode thanks to Tonys Uncle going over to his house. The scene with Christopher on the dock was also an intersting one, as I dont think Tony ever really found out about his daughter getting the drugs. Both of those plotlines should pick up in the next episode. I like how Tonys mother was given a shortened amount of airtime in this episode, I thought that was a positive switch to amke sure that other characters were given a chance to devolop. I thought tha hotel businiss stuff was really cool too. With Tony needing to go back to the guy whe he didnt want to give up the 25% that Tony had promised him. Overall I thought this was the bets episode of the season, with a couple of slow scenes here and there dragging it down from being a perfect episode in the long run.
  • Brendan Filone is the best!

    This is in my opinion the greatest episode of the sopranos ever made. It shows my alltime favorite character, Brendan Filone. Brendan had hijacked a truck protected by uncle junior, so junior sends Mikey Palmice to whack Brendan. What makes Brendan's death scene so extraordinarily magnificent is the way he is killed. He is shot in the bathtub while taking a bath, clean through the eye, "Moe Greene" Special. Mikey Palmice says "Hi Jack, Bye Jack" before shooting Brendan right in the eye. The song that plays when Brendan is killed is "All through the night," creating a masterpiece mood for his execution. Brendan Filone is the greatest character ever from the Sopranos and also one of the greatest characters ever for that matter.