The Sopranos

Season 1 Episode 3

Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1999 on HBO

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    Without a doubt I think that this was the best episode so far of the young season. We have our first somewhat major death with Jack getting a bullet at the end of the episode thanks to Tonys Uncle going over to his house. The scene with Christopher on the dock was also an intersting one, as I dont think Tony ever really found out about his daughter getting the drugs. Both of those plotlines should pick up in the next episode. I like how Tonys mother was given a shortened amount of airtime in this episode, I thought that was a positive switch to amke sure that other characters were given a chance to devolop. I thought tha hotel businiss stuff was really cool too. With Tony needing to go back to the guy whe he didnt want to give up the 25% that Tony had promised him. Overall I thought this was the bets episode of the season, with a couple of slow scenes here and there dragging it down from being a perfect episode in the long run.