The Sopranos

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Dec 01, 2002 on HBO



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    • Silvio: You have any idea what Albert kicked up last week?
      Paulie: Fuck that fuckin' parakeet. I got a relationship with Tony Albert he'll never have—no matter how far he sticks his tongue up Tony's ass.

    • Tony: It must be a gay book. Billy Budd is the ship's florist, right?

    • Minnie: I've been driving since I was a young girl.
      Paulie: Horse and buggies don't count.

    • Johnny Sack: That restaurant thing didn't help.
      Tony: He hurt my appraiser, what was I supposed to do? It's on page four of the "Boss Manual," John, Jesus.

    • A.J.: (on Billy Budd) My teacher says it's a gay book.
      Carmela: Who, Mr. Weggler? Oh, that is ridiculous.
      Finn: Actually, I've heard that before.
      Carmela: That book was written when, in the 19th century?
      A.J.: Yeah, I didn't even know they had fags back then.

    • A.J.: (farts loudly) Aww, dude! Meeting's over.

    • Tony: (on Carmela) I know she's my wife and the mother of my kids, but let me tell you: she can be a moody bitch.

  • Notes

    • Music in this episode: "Bossa Trio" by Brad Hatfield; "Free as the Wind" by Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge; "Little Bird" by Annie Lennox; "New Slang" by The Shins; "Night of the Iguana" by Huevos Rancheros; "Real Fonky Time" by Dax Rider; "Talking to the Dice" by Patrick Tuzzolino; "The Small Hours" by Metallica; "They Can't Take That Away From Me" by Joe Pass

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