The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 4

Employee of the Month

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 2001 on HBO

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  • 10/10.

    This was a memorable performance by Bracco. This episode was very powerful in terms of the emotions displayed. It was definitely frustrating to observe the scant 'justice' that was given to Dr. Melfi, but the nightmare-turned-dream was, somewhat, a relief to watch as we saw Tony Soprano (in the form of a dog); attack the person who committed the atrocious crime. Ralph Cifaretto schooling Jackie Aprile on how the 'real world works' with a good ol' beat down on a disrespectful client was a fun watch due to the realism exhibited.

    What was also painful to endure in this episode, because it simply screamed bullshit, was Janice's sudden dedication to God. It's surprising how she found God after being attacked by the Ruskies sent by Svetlana but not when she killed Richie Aprile. This woman is shallow, manipulative and narcissistic like her deceased mother, Livia.

    10/10 for this episode because of the brilliant performance Lorraine Bracco. We were able to see a darker, more angry side as compared to the calm demeanour she usually showed in previous episodes.
  • "What's the other guy look like?"

    This was a high 8.5, high for Lorraine Bracco's performance as Dr. Melfi. Her brutal scene earlier and her final scene with Tony were very powerful. However, in its less hooking stories, especially the ones with Ralfi, The Sopranos seems to be spending Season 3 moving pawns. Ralfi seems like a retread of last season's story with Richie, except that Ralfi's insubordination isn't as alarming. Richie, Ralfi--they even sound the same. So I mean, what, are they gonna do this insubordination story every season now that Tony's boss? Because I won't be interested until it's Christopher making trouble. Anyway, I'm sure it will all come together, but for now I'm not as invested overall as in previous seasons.
  • Review

    Well that will jumpstart your season in a hurry. Very intense and very unexpecetd episode from the writers of the Sopranos I thought here. The rape of Jennifer added another layer to the show as she really stepped up in this episode and took a dominant portion of the episode for us to really get to know her character. It reminded me very much so of the kinds of episodes Christopher used to get with his writing storyline before he was made last season. I would have loved if Jennifer had told Tony why she started crying at the end, I think that would have been good for the storytelling in terms of the future episodes. But with plenty of time left in season three Im not going to say that they will never get back to it. The theme of the season isn't abudently clear yet, but the new mob boss moving from New York to New Jersey has got Tony wondering about the future of some things. Ralphie is also causing him to raise an eyebrow. Neither man has come on as strong as Richie Aprile did in season two, but I can see the beginnings of a story arch beginning to devolop here. Great episode overall though, hope to see the storylines created in this episode continue on into the rest of the season.
  • Wonderful episode!!!

    Man, this episode was special...THE rape scene of Dr. Melfi was hardcore, and i found it rather disturbing even for me, though i like this show...but then again this are the main scenes on which is based on...And i must admit, that i don't know weather to admire Dr. Melfi for letting that monster escape, or to pity her for her lack of self-respect...But i bet she felt very powerful, knowing that with only one phone call, she could get the guy guilty for her state executed...Johhny Sack moving to Jersey, and Janice getting beaten up for her involvement with the Russians are the main plans on which this award-winning episode is built.
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