The Sopranos

Season 4 Episode 6

Everybody Hurts

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 2002 on HBO

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  • In this sappy, crappy, lackluster of an episode everybody mopes around and cries especially Artie Bucco after an investement with a frog-eating French men goes sour. Tony cries too after finding out Gloria Trillo hung herself, Carmela is all down, A.J. st

    What a piece of sh*t! What a piece of sh*t! Sorry, I said that twice to get my message out. In four years of watching the Sopranos I have never seen a bad episode. Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Why is it so bad? Everybody hurts, everybody is crying, everybody is acting like a “stunod.” It is like watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie or Touched by an Angel. First of all, Meadow is helping out at the South Bronx law center, because she feels for underprivileged people. Funny, just a week ago she was waddling her fat ass around the house making everyone’s life hell, and using Jackie, Jr.’s as an excuse to be an . Anthony, Jr. cares about poor people and society, after a life of luxury and sitting around playing video games. Artie invests in a pyramid scheme with a French guy, to impress Tony, then loses $50,000. He overdoses on sleeping pills, and cries to Tony to lend him money. Tony lends him money, and feels for him, and sheads a tear himself. Hardly anything interesting progressed from this poor excuse for an episode, just people sheading tears. But, hey, the title kind of warns you. The only thing exciting that happens in this episode is Tony finds out his old flame Gloria killed herself, and he has a bizarre and intriguing nightmare about it. This episode also centrals around Tony telling Christopher he’s going to be his # 2, and that you could only trust “blood”, and Christopher is the only gangster related to Tony. What a waste of director Steve Buscemi’s talent. Overall Grade: C-

    Ranking in season: # 13 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 65 / 65
  • Great Episode

    I must disagree with the painful to watch review I loved this episode. You get to see a different side of Tony and watch as his guilt builds and then in the end he is like f it. Artie was hillarious in the scene with Jeane Fillip. All in all great performances by James Gandolfini especially. But also John Ventimiglia was great with Artie he is always on the fringe wants to be like a wannabe gangster sometimes but it just isn't him.