The Sopranos

Season 4 Episode 1

For All Debts Public and Private

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 2002 on HBO

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  • 9/11 and the empty mirror

    I had expected The Sopranos to deal with 9/11 more pointedly: the opening-sequence shot of the Twin Towers in the sideview mirror replaced with a shot of the empty mirror; a scene where the Soprano family sees the news on TV... Now that I see this aired in September 2002, it makes more sense that they wouldn't deal with it explicitly. I mean, this isn't South Park, where it's technically feasible to cover events from the week an episode airs. Still, I spent the entirety of Season 3 waiting for to see that empty mirror in the opening sequence. Oh well.

    I think Bobby Baklava's offhand reference to 9/11 is the only one here, and I can understand how after a whole year, all the anger's been talked about and all that's left is a sigh. And sighs aren't dramatic. So why cover them? Probably it was wise of the writers to know that while writing earlier in 2002.

    From the first scene, this episode was nothing special. Sometimes it seems like this show takes semi-artistic pains to be mundane. Still, it was never boring. Just okay.
  • Season Four Kicks Off

    I actually thought the season four opener was a little bit better then the rating on this site might advertise. It started out a little slow, but the last half of the episode was all business. The beginning of the episode sets up what could be a season-long arch with Tony and the rest of the family running low on money with the desperate economy. Paulie is off in jail on a gun charge, don't know how long he will stay there. Christopher gets revenge on the man that killed his father - if he did in fact kill his father. That point is still something he might ask Tony about next episode but like Chris said - even if Tony had asked him to kill this man he would have done it anyway. Carmella continues to be the one person in the show who can either be a great help to the storyline or can hurt it a lot. In this episode I felt she was a positive - her best scene being the scene when she sees that someone from the mob gets killed and just begins to sob into her hands. That was a great scene to go along with the conversation that she had earlier with Tony. Overall though I would have to say this was a very strong opening episode with only a couple of slow moving parts.
  • In the Season 4 premiere, Tony is having problems earning money and marital problems as well. Junior faces a brutal trial, Paulie is in jail. Chris kills the man who killed his father.

    In a season opener that isn’t bad, but could’ve been a hell of a lot better, Tony gets closer than he’s ever been with Christopher. He tells Christopher the man who killed his father was a newly retired cop, and gave him the address of his home. Christopher whacks the ex-cop, in a exciting scene using shadows instead of gore. Also, Carmela is all worried Tony won’t provide for their future, and Junior is stressing out over his upcoming trial, once he finds out the nurse in his doctor’s office was really an undercover F.B.I. agent. And Adriana is getting close to her new friend who is actually an F.B.I. agent. But the biggest plot point of this episode is Tony worried about making money. “Where is the f*cking money?” – to quote Tony. That seems like a major plot point that will be ongoing in all of season four. Overall Grade: A-

    Ranking in season: # 9 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 52 / 65