The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 3

Fortunate Son

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 2001 on HBO

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    Melfi starts to push Tony in his therapy and Tony uncovers some disturbing memories from his childhood that may help explain his panic attacks. Paulie and Christopher clash when Christopher comes up short in his collection envelope. Tony is proud of A.J. when he makes captain of his football team, but Tony soon learns that his panic attacks run in the family. I thought that the episode was solid, just still not able to get back up to the amazingness that I thought the preimere was. The first episode really set what you thought was going to be the tone for the entire season, but they have since abandoned the FBI going after Tony idea, almost 100% since that episode. Christopher earning his strips and learning that being made isn't easy was the best part of the episode for me. It was good to see him involved in some solid mafia / mob activity. The Meadow storyline is something that I didnt see coming from a mile away. I thought she would have been written out of the show, but her drama is very much still apart of the main storyline and I dont much care for it. Tonys visits with Jennifer have gotten less comical as the series has worn on and I hope to see that chance sometime in the future. Overall, this season is lacking a concsistant theme and I think it needs to be devoloped soon.