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    If anybody knows about these topics, please reply.

    1) I heard that a lot of the production delays, as well as A.J. not being prominently featured in Season 5, were do to a drug problem Robert Iler had. However, his imdb bio just has a "second degree burglary/marijuana possession" arrest in mid-2001, resulting in probation. Seeing as how a) this was LONG before Season 5, and b) it hardly sounds like he was doing hard time (or hard drugs), was I just misinformed? Or is the info purposely not on imdb?

    2) One person on this list was CONVINCED the series would end with A.J. killing Tony. Of course he was way off, but am I the only one who thinks Tony getting whacked by, say, Christopher or A.J. or Paulie or Sil or somebody else he knew and/or was "close to" would have made a much better ending? (And not just because ANYTHING would have made a much better ending...)


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