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It's Official: Tony's Fate Revealed (MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!)

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    ok he is not dead or alive because the show just ends, when something ends like that it wants you to use your imagination there is no trick or special analagies.
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    Well i think what Chase was trying to convey in that final scene is that Tony's future is dark and doomed. Many people think that the last scene is about him getting killed or not, which we really can't answer and is not the main point there. As you understand from the mob life there is only two ways out, death or jail. So whether its the FBI that take him down with the help of Carlo's testimony or him getting whacked by any of his many enemies his fate is inevitable and doomed.
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    Oh puh-LEEZ! I am only just now seeing this stale crumb of no-news [which I decline the invitation to inelegance to read the pathetic details], but if this Chase character thought he was placating the Angry Mob for that dreary conclusion to one of the most influential TV shows ever with this months-later "revelation" that he intended Tony Soprano to get whacked, he only ended up pissing more people off. Even 4 years later it's got me riled up. Just because he packaged such a lamely predictable outcome in an almost hastily assembled patchwork of laughable lines [re: Agent Harris's exclamation which even Matt Servitto looked like he felt foolish saying it] and tired scenes too numerous to count - especially that boy brat's blownup Xterra and the contrived Wile E. Coyotelike gas station rollover which got no mention at all afterwards - don't Make It So for untold thousands of ripped-off fans. And as significant as the long-overdue ending of that creep Leotardo was, that in and of itself deserved boos. Many people have clamored for a movie to have tied up all them loose ends swinging in the breeze this Chase left us with, but that could've been resolved with a 2-hour wrapup. But just like the graceless ending to Tony and Dr. Melfi's relationship, Wittle Davey & Co. couldn't be bothered with such niceties. This dirty little bit of no-good business he cooked up will have appealed to some - "it don't take all kinds, we just GOT all kinds" - but not to the multitudes who, along with his nerve-plucked family, loved Tony Soprano the last antihero of the 20th century in despite and/or because of his major annoyances. Well this Chase can prattle on about this "official" Tony Is Dead garbage all he likes; that STUPID ending set in some rundown ptomaine trap diner with crappy music playing did have one thing going for it - the stupefied audience were left to their own conclusions about Tony's fate, and far more than not ain't having none of this. "What a Fowler!" Thanks to all involved for 84½ episodes of unequaled storytelling - most of "The Blue Comet" and the entirety of #86 stink like an unearthed Pine Barrens corpse - and long may it be before Dee Chase runs out of residuals money and decides to try and revisit the small screen with another show. Because a) it wouldn't even begin to approximate this epic production and b) the Reception Committee will be waiting with torches and nooses to unwelcome it and him. Jerk.

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    i wouldn't like to think that Tony is dead, i rather think of him getting prosecuted and going to court and seeing if he really helped the FBI with the terrorist part and can't forget that snitch Carlo! but that person replied about that movie to sum everything up is a good idea definitely be a big hit. but it ended the way it did so you can only imagine what really happened. Was a great show wish it didn't have to end though..

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    I disagree, there really wasnt anymore members of his family to even help or retaliate to him being killed, Sils ina coma , JR cant help him, paulie would probably bail out cause hes a parinoid douche but A movie with him surviing an and become back on top then dies at the end would be epic
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