The Sopranos

Season 2 Episode 8

Full Leather Jacket

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 2000 on HBO

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    It was a good episode, but it tended to drag on at times. Was very happy not to see Tonys mother in the episode, I think she drags down the show a lot when she is involved in the episodes. I wanted to see the writers follow up on the events of a couple of episodes ago where the man owed Tony money. They mentioned it, but we have yet to see him again. I think the two guys trying to kill Christopher was really good writing in terms of when in the seaosn the writers need to shake things up. We are nearing the end of the season, but not so close that they dont have enough time to tell the story. I dont think Christopher is going to die and I think that the next episode is going to get deeper into the theme of this season - Richie versus Tony. Overall, the episode had a lot of high notes and a couple of scenes (Carmella) that didnt come through for me.