The Sopranos

Season 3 Episode 8

He Is Risen

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 2001 on HBO

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    A solid episode coming from the writers of Sopranos dealing with Tonys relationship with Ralphie, which at this point you could say would be the main "problem" or "theme" of the season. I like how the writers have gotten Meadown a little more air time then she is used to seeing. They are using her in a great way too - having her be one degree of seperation away from Tony in the grand scheme of the people that she hangs out with, most recently Jackie Aprile. It will be interesting to see where that goes, considering Tonty is still dealing with the death of the 20 year old stripper who seems to be brought back into his memory when he sees Meadow. I cant imagine what he would do to Jackie Aprile if he did something wrong. Ill be keeping my eye on that storyline. Tony and Ralphie coming to an agreement in the middle of the season seems to me like the end is going to crash and crash hard at that. Overall, a solid episode from the Sopranos.
  • Tony is still undisputed boss of his family!!!

    This episode was really enjoyable, from a lot of points of view...First it didn't contain violent scenes, even if this may represent an attraction for some..Second, one has the opportunity to see how Tony manages his problems...He isn't the type of boss that doesn't consults with anyone and takes his decision alone...On the contrary, he thinks long and hard, and consults a lot of people he trusts, and finally takes the right decision...In this episode the quarrel between Ralph and Tony continues...While Ralph is thinking towards declaring a war to Tony, the latter thinks about resolving the situation the best way possible..."Fortunately", the death of Gigi manages to resolve the situation between these two guys, although they still remain cold to one another.