The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 7

In Camelot

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 2004 on HBO

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  • Tony meets up with his father's old goomar at a funeral, and they start up a relationship (non-sexual) and he helps her out financially. Phil Leotardo refuses to pay Tony money to help his father's old goomar, so he beats him up and causes Phil to crash h

    Way bettter than last week's, which is very relieving. However it falls kind of short of interesting mob material, but offers some great scenes with Phil Leotardo, which can lead up to him being clipped by Tony Soprano for being a smart-ass old timer. Remember the last smart-ass old timer that got in Tony’s way … Feech La Manna (Robert Loggia) … I wonder where he is? I found Polly Bergen as Tony's father's old goomar, Fran, to be very creepy. She seemed to use Tony to get money, and that scene where she sung 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' (like Marilyn Monroe to President John F. Kennedy) to Tony -- CRAZY! Steve Buscemi did a fine job directing 'In Camelot' and Terence Winter provided some solid, yet often tiring writing. I felt 'In Camelot' was a good episode (well written), but it was kind of uneventful. I found the whole Christopher and his buddy from recovery conflict kind of funny. Chris started out as friends with this guy, but once the guy showed he couldn't pay back money he lost in a Tony Soprano sactioned poker game, Chris showed this man, J.T. Dolan (Tim Daly), that he was a mobster first, then a friend second. I thought Tim Daly did a fine (and Emmy worthy) guest appearence, and I found it funny that in the end of the episode Tony decided not to help Fran because she made his father give away their dog. A very good episode (as to be expected), but a hope next week's is more exciting.

    Overall Grade: A-
    Ranking in season: # 11 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 51 / 65