The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 8

Johnny Cakes

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 2006 on HBO

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    Ok, this was a very good episode, with a lot of facts to capture that will undoubtedly untwist at the finale.

    I\\\\\\\'ve read the other reviews on here, I agree that A.J is turning into Tony.... but the reason for this is that he sees the perks and respect that his peers hold for his dad. AJ wants this for himself, the respect, the perks and the fear from others... hence this pushed him to attempt to stab Junior.

    We see a new side to Tony here as well, he gets the chance to f*uck the real estate agent and turns her down at the last minute.

    The Vito story was more build-up than anything else, he's getting wacked very soon! Maybe his new 'boyfriend' and their crew will stick up for him in a 'village-people vs The Mob' style beatdown.

    Not much from Chris, Paulie and the others in this episode which was dissapointing. My previous predictions are carried forward:

    - Terrorism strikes, I think the credit card guys are up to something

    - The Black Rappers come back for Bobby after he shot one in the a$$

    Still nothing on the suicide in the first episode, Paulie extorting the owners son of the garbage business etc. I look forward to all these loose ends being tied up for an explosive finale.


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