The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 8

Johnny Cakes

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 2006 on HBO

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  • Tony sells one of his companies to Jamba Juice and makes a pass at the sexy real-estate agent, Vito continues his romance with Johnny Cakes, and AJ attempts to wipe out Uncle Junior but chickens out leading to a powerful father-son chat.

    Although it doesn't move fast at all, to be perfectly honest it's pretty damn slow at moments, this is a powerful episode that is great in it's own way. I didn't like the Julianna Margulies playing the Jamba Juice worker plot-line, but we learn a lot about AJ in this episode. After dropping out of High School, AJ gets a job at Blockbuster where he screws around with his wasteland friends and spouts the f-word every five seconds. At night he goes out to clubs and gets f-d up, and charges up bills of $1830 on his father's credit card. His friends always want to talk about his dad, and ask about his uncle Junior who shot Tony. He replies, "Yeah. I guess I might be having to whack him." AJ gets it into his mind he has to kill Uncle Junior, and packs a knife with him to go to the Nursing Home. In a scene resembling the Fredo dropping the gun scene from The Godfather, AJ goes to looney bin armed and sees Junior. Junior let's out a nice gesture to AJ, and AJ realizes how much he loves him, and drops the knife on the ground. He is attacked by security guards where his dad picks him up from the police station. They have a powerful and pivotal talk where Tony tells him he isn't a ganster, the godfather is just a movie and AJ is a good guy and shouldn't act tough. They kiss and make up. Vito is having fun with Johnny Cakes and starts up a relationship with him, while back in New Jersey a character we usually don't see much of, Patsy Parisi, tries to pressure a local Starbucks for protection money, and is surprised it doesn't work. It moves slow, but there are some little moments that really make the episode. My Rating: 8/10.