The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 8

Johnny Cakes

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 2006 on HBO

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  • Whoa...

    Brokeback Vito...Wow...

    Anyways, this was the best episode of the season so far, blowing away Members Only and MrMrs. Johnny Sac Request. The symbolism and parallels David Chase ties in so perfectly were alive and well tonight.

    First, it was good to finally see why they put Dominic Chianse's and Lorraine Bracco's name in the opening credits, even though Corrado only had 2-3 lines.

    The "out-with the old, in with the new" parallel was my favorite. It shows the irony and hypocrisy of mobsters who shakedown hard-working business owners, yet get upset when corporations start eating up all the spots in the neighborhood. Similar to what happened in Las Vegas, where the mob ran nearly 90% of the gaming in the city, yet now the odds of you winning are lower now that corporations own them. It also spoke volumes of Patsy's already shaky relationship with Tony. With giving his twin and new moonroof, making him clean up the Gloria situation, passing him over for Christopher in "No Show", and now profiting from one of his livelihoods. Keep your eye on Patsy this season, as subordinates have been given arcs this year (Benny, Paulie, Eugene).

    The other parallel was the fatherson apple from the tree scenes. Tony inside knows that A.J. is doing the exact same things that he did at his age, and its only a matter of time now before A.J. does something he and Tony will regret. There's only so many things he can keep from Carmella, too. I like the mention of the Godfather scene by A.J.

    I am also glad that Tony didn't go through with the Juliana thing. It breaks up the monotony of Tony's infidelity, and shows how much he's changed since he moved back in in "Long Term Parking." I applaud the casting department of continuing Tony's psychological, Livia-influenced attraction to women. Notice how they are all dark-haired, sophisticated, intelligent women, yet they all possess some quality Livia has and Carmella doesn't (Melfi, Valentina, Gloria, Irina). Tony's getting pissed off over smoked turkey was him being stressed and confused over which type of woman he's attracted to, since he couldn't get it up for either one. Is it the usual dark-haired woman, or his own wife?

    As for Vince, er, I mean Vito. Our auteur is experiencing what I like to call Chase favoritism. Basically speaking, the focus on Vito is built to conflict with Tony. Just like Richie, Ralphie, and Blundetto. Something will happen to Vito, and it won't sit well with Tony. All season, the crew's sidestories have been constructed to instill doubt into Tony (Eugene's suicide, Paulie's mother problems, Silvio's leadership ability, Christopher's ventures in the business, and next week, apparently something with Bobby.) For those saying this season is boring, there's a huge pot of venom brewing and ready and waiting to explode in the last 3 episodes, like it always does.

    Great episode tonight