The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 6

Live Free or Die

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2006 on HBO

Episode Recap

At an AA meeting, Christopher gets some startling news from an acquaintance who knows the people who saw Vito at the gay club. He rushes to The Bada-Bing to deliver the news. Many are hesitant to believe that husky, married Vito could be gay, and they retire to the back room to discuss the issue further, and try to contact Vito. At the free law center, Meadow deals with an Afghani family whose son has been arrested with no explanation. Her own family seems to not care, though Meadow claims it stems from Bush trying to "erode our Contitutional protections." Tony advises her not to get so worked up over it. Benny and Terry locate Vito at a shorehouse, and want to bring him in for a discussion. Vito gets in his car and makes a break for it, sealing his 'guilt' in Benny's eyes. Stopping to pack some essentials and kiss his children goodbye, he leaves NJ. In a heavy storm, his car runs over a branch in the road and breaks down. He walks to a bed-and-breakfast, which we see is in the homosexual-friendly state of New Hampshire. Christopher starts setting things up for the hit on Rusty. When he meets a local who will hook up friends from Italy with weaponry and target information, it is apparent that knowledge of Vito has reached even the lowest levels of criminals. Carmela discovers the spec house is ransacked of tools and materials. She confronts her father, who has grown impatient with her delays, not caring they were due to Tony's hospitalization. Silvio visits Marie Spatafore to feel her out for any knowledge she may have about her husband's homosexuality. She seems to have none, but his instincts tell him she, "ain't getting laid." A meeting of the mob wives at Vesuvio for a charity auction makes Carmela realize how little she does with her life. A hectic Angie, busy with her bodyshop, can barely stay for 2 minutes, making Carmela more determined to get her house project back on track. She later finds out Angie is even putting "money on the street." Tony discusses the Vito situation with Dr. Melfi. She wonders why it's such an issue that Vito may be gay, and Tony grudgingly admits he's not 100% upset over the revelation, though he's still not happy with that lifestyle choice. It also comes out that as far as gay sex in prison goes, "you get a pass for that," and asserts his own brief incarceration was short enough to not need any, "anal you know." Meadow wonders what her mother and Rosalie are talking about Vito for. Eventually, she reveals that Finn saw Vito giving a blow job to a construction security guard, leaving Ro near speechless. This results in Tony dragging Finn to Satriale's to deliver the confirmation. While there is outrage all around, Carlo is especially upset to learn that Vito was, "catching, not pitching." Finn is uncomfortably aware of what his knowledge may mean for Vito's life. Meanwhile, Phil confers with Marie to attempt to learn where he may be hiding. At the Bing, Tony gives Vito's construction jobs to Carlo, and Carlo feels he must step up and ask for Vito's elimination. In spite of how the majority of the crew now feel about Vito, it is still Tony's call, who points out that it's hardly as if Vito, "is the first." After Carlo leaves, Silvio advises that Vito needs to be dealt with harshly, as it may be an excuse others need to take serious advantage of perceived lax standards. Finn and Meadow argue, as he points out that her perspective on the world is still colored by her Caldwell, NJ upbringing. She is also still in seeming denial of what will likely happen to Vito, and the effect it is having on Finn. Meanwhile, Vito seems to be taking a liking to the small town he stumbled across, though he unsuccessfully tries to locate cousins in the area. Entering an antique store, he sees a New Hampshire license plate, with the state motto "Live Free or Die," seeming to realize those are now his two choices.