The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 6

Live Free or Die

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2006 on HBO

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  • Worst Sopranos episode I've seen

    For one thing, it's boring. That scene with Vito driving to the border just goes on and on. But more importantly, the episode insults the intelligence of its characters. As we know him, Tony Soprano is very smart. His earners all have distinct personalities. But here the script unites them in unanimous, facetless hatred. It's not interesting. It's not revealing character development. It's just boring and small-minded. The more I write about this, the lower I want to rank the episode.

    But I have to acknowledge that some of this is on me. The extreme ***phobia here ("I'd drag Vito behind my fuckin' car right now!"--strong words for a sedan man) belongs to the characters, not the writers, and so feeling personally offended by it makes about as much sense as feeling personally threatened by the onscreen murders. And yet.... Dr. Melfi seemed pretty unperturbed by the danger of Vito's situation, but at least she got some playfulness in. Me, I was just bored.
  • A FAMILY OUTING!!! After being spotted at a gay bar, Vito is outed to the Soprano crew and Tony is faced with a decision to whack him or not and Finn (Meadow's fiancee) is brought into the Bing to testify.

    In what is the best episode of the season thus far, Vito is finally outed. And the wise guy's response? Kill that fat braciole sucker, except for Tony who while homophobic still realizes Vito is his top earner and also realizes it's the 21st century, and mobsters maybe should let these things slide. Paulie wants Vito's head on a silver platter (for other reasons added to him being gay) and Phil Leotardo is shocked that his sister would marry a wise guy who is light in the loafers. Vito realizes he's been outed and floors it to a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, where a lot of comedic genius that the show is subtely known for comes to life. The story switches from Vito in New Hampshire, then back to the family dealing with this issue. This episode features some outstanding dialogue that is constantly riveting, and perhaps one of the most hilarious scenes in Sopranos history where Finn (Meadow's wimpy wannabe dentist fiancée) testifies that Vito mouth-a-fied a security's guard's Italian sausage in the construction site parking lot. Many have not liked this episode, but I can't disagree more. It was different and new and original, but it also was true to the spirit of 'The Sopranos' and captured that stone-cold mobster essence every episode should have. Not the best episode, but it's one hell of a ride. My Rating: 9/10.
  • The writers took some Ritalin

    I remember in my last review for the last episode I was going on about how this season was lacking in continuity, I asked, how they are going to wrap up all these events in a nice little package?, I guess the writers remedied their ADD before they wrote this one because this episode shows that the wrapping process has begun, and there is much more development on issues from past episodes from this season. Another aspect of the episode that I noticed is that it is reminiscent of the feeling I had of past Sopranos episodes and seasons, this one brought a much welcomed nostalgic atmosphere of better seasons.

    It was overall pretty good; it took on a more familiar tone for me, unlike the initial episodes of this season. Let’s just say it was a remedy for my home sick feeling of season six of The Sopranos.
  • The Sopranos: Episode 71: "Live Free or Die"- After this episode, everything is all set to explode into more interesting and violent storylines... at least that's what it looks like. (Spoiler Alert)

    I thought this episode was like trying to set the interesting storylines into place for a real dramatic and violent second half of the season. Tony hires two hitmen from Italy to put a hit on Rusty. We don't see that happen in this episode. Christopher is told that Vito is a homosexual. He shares this with Tony who doesn't believe it. Vito flees to New Hampshire when Benny and others visit him. Finn reveals to the guys that Vito gave a security guard a blowjob. This results in Tony deciding what to do with Vito. Carlo is given Vito's position in the construction business. In the end, Vito is still hiding out in New Hampshire, going through antique stores. I thought some of the lines said were really funny. Although this episode focused a lot on more minor storylines with Carmela, Angie, Finn and Meadow which, for me, were uninteresting, it was a good episode.
  • Interesting episode, but not much happened.

    I enjoyed watching the show, but after it was over I realized not much happened. I'm glad Tony made up with his body guard, I really liked that character. I wish more had happened with the whole Rusty thing. They open so many more sub plots, but they never finish them! They just start new ones! I hope they can bring it all together before the season ends.

    This episode had a lot of boring scenes with Vito. I feel for Vito and I am glad he likes the folks in New Hampshire, but it sucked up a lot of time. Hopefully in the next episode, we will find out what happens with him.
  • Hopefully im labeling this right as well written. The episode in my opinion was well written and trust me when i say its setting us up for a great finale.

    I love the Sopranos but this episode seem to really throw me off. For example the ending, where Vito was looking at antiques. The writters in my opinion are leaving us the viewer to read between the lines. I also hate that theyll jump to another story line in the next episode and wait another two episodes before they get back to Vito. But im sure before the finale the writters will jell everything to together to make sense like they always do. But from the way the show is going thus far i think Phil will get to Vito before Tony and this will cause some kind of riff between the two families.
  • well this episode is different and does explore unpopular ideas but overall is pretty good

    Ok first of all there is absolutely nothing uncharacteristic in Tony's actions. This is the NEW Tony and you are reminded of it at every step of the show. SO those that compain either do not watch the show closely enough or are dumb enough to not uderstand what they are seeing.
    There is a strange development in the family and Vito will probably get killed eventually. It is strange how Tony's neardeath experience has changed his perspective on things but in real life this is a very common side effect. So in that aspect the show is very realistic. Now if there are any gay people holding high positions in the Mafia ... well I have no idea but neither does anyone posting here. Also if you have really watched the show from the beginning you would know that this is really not that radical change in Tony's character.
    Anyway this is a decent episode and the season shapes up to be a very good conclusion of the show. Way to go!
  • \"He is definetly out of the social circle\"- Bobby Bacalia "F that, he\'s gotta go!!"- Carlo


    Brilliant acting and writing goes to Sopranos yet again for another job well done. From Vito finally being cornered and outed about his homosexuality to Camella comptemplating doing some dishonest work to earn some extra money. Vito character is really showing some development and it is interesting to see how successful a \"hitman\" would be running away from being \"wacked\", especially for a reason of him \"playing for the pink team\" as Rosie Aprile would describe it. I figured he would still be alive after seeing him enter the hotel and think about committing suicide. Therefore, draw out the character of Finn (meadow\'s boyfriend) to experience the inner workings of the Crime family and their projected actions as to what they were going to do with Vito once they found him. The discussion he had with Tony in the back of the shop with the rest of the crew did not completely scare him from leaving the situation but now has a committment to stay with Meadow because of the information he now knows. Chrissy and Paulie were hilarious in this episode with their regular acts of anger and disappointment as well as disqust of finding out Vito\'s sexuality. Carmella is now \"on the fence\" about ways of obtaining money that Tony will not supply her with. I also think the guy that was introduced to Meadow at the end will her relationship with Fin. The previous episode was my favorite episode of the season but this is up there with that one. Bravo yet again
  • Mostly a transitional episode, but the hints at future plot twists are interesting...

    There was not a heck of a lot of action in this episode but it continues what has been a riveting season overall.

    The scene where Finn is brought in to Satriale's to explain what he saw Vito doing was one of the classic moments of the season, both fascinating and somewhat discomforting. Also, considering this series is known for its "dangling plotlines", having the whole Vito gay thing come to fruition is a welcome departure from leaving things hanging.

    As you watch the mob guys struggling with the realization that Vito is gay, you do see occasional moments where Tony and some of the guys want to say, "the heck with it, what does it matter that he's gay".

    But, in true Sopranos form, the viewer is left with the possibility that Vito will a) return from exile and be whacked, b) get whacked in exile, c) return from exile in some sort of role, d) whack himself... etc. etc. And while they're all hinted at, they're all still very possible.
  • Is Rosalie Aprile the key to future plot twists?

    I was struck by the note on this site that "Live Free or Die" was the episode in which Sharon Angela begins to get billing in the opening credits. Why?

    How about this speculation:

    1. Phil Leotardo, who has a special interest in Vito who was married to his cousin, catches up with him.

    2. Possibly in an attempt to save himself, Vito gives up to Phil the fact that it was he who killed Jackie Aprile Jr.

    3. Phil, who still harbors anger at Tony over his brother's death, gives this information to Rosalie, knowing that it will cause Tony all sorts of grief from her and Carmella, not to mention from Meadow.

    Could make for some interesting events.
  • Interesting Episode. I wouldn't expect Tony to be so sensitive. The first half of the episode was hilarious, but then the show goes nowhere.

    This whole episode was pretty much about Vito and the gang's reaction to Vito's "coming-out." There's not a whole lot of action in this episode, but I thought Tony's ambivalence to the whole gay issue was hilarious, especially when Tony got defensive about his incarceration. I always knew that Vito could never be head of the family (I mean, the guy is literally a c*^&sucker).

    But then the episode goes nowhere. Kill Johnny Sacks or catch Vito or kill Christopher. Let's get the show moving, already! I'm thinking I should stop watching the show until the last two episodes of the season because nothing goddamn is happening! 24 understands this concept.

    There are a couple storylines that I thought were uninteresting like Carmella's quest to finish the spec house and Meadow's attempts to reconcile her ideals with her family. I doubt anybody who has any say over the show is reading this, but for god's sake, can Meadow show some nipple? I just about dropped my jaw when I saw her put on a pair of panty hoses.

    The episode ends with Vito in some (gay?) New Hampshire town. I guess we're left with the big question: will Vito live a new life in NH, or will the last thing in Vito's mouth be a big, black gun?
  • Set Ups and Reconciliations

    I think this is what I watch for: Continuity. Things are happening. For instance, I would have thought the musclehead Tony beat up the previous episode would eb gone, but no. Muscles actually apologizes after talking with his immediate family. I am glad he is with us. Vito is leading a surreal life until someone finds him. He tried to call a cousin; that will lead to his death by the Phil, who is talking to Vito\'s wife looking for leads (she is his cousin). This clears Tony of having to make a decision unless it is to be madder still at Johnny Sacks\' family and/or Phil) after all, Tony is reluctantly doing JS a favor. We see the thoughful sid eof Tony at odds with the boss side. We see Christopher\'s continuig disconnect with respect. We see the hot-headed Paulie surface which will lead to more problems. We see the easygoing old-school of Bobby (\"our social club\"). What I missed this time was only the FBI scrutiny on the alternate plane of reality.
  • This episode is setting up some interesting stuff.

    This is a set-up episode, especially with the Vito business. Many things are happening and you can see some of the plot lines starting to converge.

    I liked this episode. It was not as strong as other episodes this season, but considering it is a set-up episode there is not reason to think that there should be a lot of of plot determining scenes. That will come in the next two episodes.

    Vito in New Hampshire is kind of symbolic. And I believe the reference to Johnny Cakes is making an allusion to the homosexuals in the town that Vito is hiding.

    I htink that those who under the impresssion that Vito will be offed for being a homosexual are going to be dissapointed as Tony seems to be cutting Vito some slack. However, in two episodes I believe that Vito will be killed and it will be by Phil Leotardo.
  • Oh my god. I\'m pulling out my hair. What is H.B.O. doing?

    Am I the only loyal fan of seasons 1-5 that are wondering what the heck happened to the best show on tv? If I was in the mafia I\'d whack the entire writing staff. This episode is the lastest failure, I thought they might pull it out of the fire with the wedding episode over but here we are again. I\'m baffled, and about ready to call the coroner, cause if things keep up this shows dead! Such a shame.