The Sopranos

Season 6 Episode 6

Live Free or Die

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2006 on HBO

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  • A FAMILY OUTING!!! After being spotted at a gay bar, Vito is outed to the Soprano crew and Tony is faced with a decision to whack him or not and Finn (Meadow's fiancee) is brought into the Bing to testify.

    In what is the best episode of the season thus far, Vito is finally outed. And the wise guy's response? Kill that fat braciole sucker, except for Tony who while homophobic still realizes Vito is his top earner and also realizes it's the 21st century, and mobsters maybe should let these things slide. Paulie wants Vito's head on a silver platter (for other reasons added to him being gay) and Phil Leotardo is shocked that his sister would marry a wise guy who is light in the loafers. Vito realizes he's been outed and floors it to a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, where a lot of comedic genius that the show is subtely known for comes to life. The story switches from Vito in New Hampshire, then back to the family dealing with this issue. This episode features some outstanding dialogue that is constantly riveting, and perhaps one of the most hilarious scenes in Sopranos history where Finn (Meadow's wimpy wannabe dentist fiancée) testifies that Vito mouth-a-fied a security's guard's Italian sausage in the construction site parking lot. Many have not liked this episode, but I can't disagree more. It was different and new and original, but it also was true to the spirit of 'The Sopranos' and captured that stone-cold mobster essence every episode should have. Not the best episode, but it's one hell of a ride. My Rating: 9/10.