The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 12

Long Term Parking

Aired Unknown May 23, 2004 on HBO

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  • ... Heavy.

    Really heavy. This is one of those episodes I can't imagine ever watching again. Poor Adriana. But man, talk about a great episode of TV. Jesus. Why do you love something that hurts you so much? Why do you love an episode that just leaves you heartbroken? I don't know. Poor Adriana.

    Season 5 has been the best for The Sopranos since Season 1. And this is one of the best episodes I've seen.
  • Best episode ever

    The FBI finds new evidence that they use as leverage against Adriana. Adriana relents and tries to persuade Christopher to go into witness protection with her. Tony and Carmela meet over lunch and work toward a reconciliation, which includes a new real estate project for Carmela. Johnny Sack delivers a stern ultimatum to Tony, who is hesitant to give up his cousin. Chris gets told by Adriana that she is an informant and she was going to prison unless they go to the witness protection program, this results in a great scene where chris hits adriana and nearly chokes her to death but just sustains himself at the last second, he considers giving it all up and goes for some air, but he sees a poor family with a disgruntled looking dad and a packed crappy car and realises he can never live like that and well you know what happens after chris tells tony about Ade. He uses some heroine at the end of the episode much to the anger of tony who had silvio do the whacking, The other main story is Tony finds out where Tony B is, he tells johnny sack that if he tells him where he is to be quick, johnny says phil will do it and he'll do it his way, after bargaining with johnny to no avail tony says to Johnny get f***** he is my cousin, he probably says this because johnny says its not good to meet like this anymore because he just became new york boss.
  • This episode offers a look into the Mafia Mentality

    This episode is best known for the loss of a major character, Adriana. After trying to persuade Christopher that they can join witness protection, Adriana is driven out to the woods and shot by Silvio. Not an easy scene to accept, especially for those Adriana fans out there. This is one example where I think this episode shows the Mafia mentality. When Christopher is at the gas station, he sees a family. He sees a very unhappy middle aged man with an overweight wife, many kids and a broken down station wagon. This is the turning point when he decides that Adriana has to go. He can't stay with her, because in the future this family man would be him. The Mafia mentality is that the working man is a sucker and this is a lifestyle that Christopher cannot accept. Also in this episode, Tony struggles with the decision of what to do with Tony B. Although from immense pressure from Johnny Sack and Phil Leotardo to hand him over, Tony has another idea in mind which comes to flourish in the next episode, the 5th season finale. Altogether a terrific episode, although things are not looking good for the Soprano family.
  • One of the best Sopranos episodes of all-time!!

    The FBI finally has something on Adriana that leaves her with the decision to either go to jail or convince christopher to flip with her and relocate in the witness protection program. She finally tells Christopher that she has been an FBI informant and this is one of the best scenes in the series. He almost kills her but says he will go along with her and leave his life of crime. Then he sees a redneck that is having a miserable time with his family and Christopher realizes that that is not the life for him. Tony calls Adriana and tells her that Christopher tried to commit suicide and that Silvio will give her a ride to the hospital. Under false pretenses she goes with him to the hospital but Silvio makes a unexpected turn into the woods and she soon finds out that Tony and Silvio knows that she is an FBI informant and she is whacked.
  • Now when "The Sopranos" is over,i desided to review all the episodes... the problem is, i don´t remember every, so untill i get the season boxes i will review the episodes that i remember the best, episodes that have touched me.

    Long Term Parking... a shockin episode, though allso a exelent one. Adriana tells Cristopher all about the FBI thing and wants to move away from Jersey with him. He goes out, and Tony says that Cristopher is hurt, Silvio drives her to the hospital... he sais, but realy (Spoiler Warning!) he stops in the woods and kills her. Terrence Winter is one of the best Writers on The Sopranos and he shows his talent here, the script is wonderful, and the directing succeded. Phil Leotardo allso becomes boss here, and... other stuff, not to make this review short, it´s a verry verry verry verry good episode of "The Sopranos".
  • Adriana is outed. Christopher is pissed. Tony and Carmela try to reconcile. Adriana's fate is revealed...

    This episode should be honored by many Sopranos fans as the greatest episode of the whole series. And you shouldn't be surprised. In this episode, it finally balances the two element, family and crime, the very definition of the Sopranos. Adriana is a great woman, but her sometimes stupid personality can lead her to mess up, big time. Now she can't think for herself, and she is forced by the FBI. The reason people hate the FBI in the series is because the try to get information from many high level figures without really thinking what danger they're putting them in. Seriously, they've already had many people killed because they've forced them to give up valuble info: Jimmy Altieri, Big P*ssy, and now Adriana de la Cerva.
    I actually like this episode because it doesn't really seem like a drama anymore, it seems like reality. We feel what these people are feeling. Christopher is shocked but is riddled in between his loving but betraying girlfriend and his over-bearing but caring uncle. How harder could that be. And in the end of the hallway for Christopher is nothing but sadness and death. It's heartbreaking to find out that Christopher had picked Tony's side and learn that Silvio was not going to drive Adriana to the hospital but in fact kill her. That's some pure TV.
    Now there are some flaws in this episode, but it's still the best episode there is, and that's all there is to it.
  • Little Carmine complies with Johnny, making Johnny the new boss. Phil aches for revenge after the death of his brother. Adrianna is apprehended by the FBI in connection with a murder at her club and is given an ultimatum. Tony moves back in with Carmella.

    "I'll give you undignified... Go f*ck yourself."

    Family loyalty gets called into question in this episode. Tony promises future loyalty to Carmella. Adrianna hopes that Chris feels more loyal to her than to his other family. Phil feels he has to retaliate against New Jersey for Blundetto's blunder. Tony Uncle Johnny feels he has to stay loyal Tony Uncle Al, endangering his other family in the process. Together, these stories combine into one of the series' best episodes.

    Tony and Carmella meet for lunch to discuss the possibility of reconciliation. Tony tells her that he realizes that cheating on Carmella was wrong and promises faith to her. However, Carmella seem to be more interested in Tony's financial backing in a real estate investment that she and her father cooked up than in his empty promises.

    Adrianna forces Christopher to make a choice between his two families after she confesses to obstruction of justice to the FBI. Christopher promises to think about it. While getting cigarettes however, he sees what may be his future: a trashy family with a mullet-wielding father, a tired mother, and many loud kids. Tony calls Adrianna to tell her that Chris has attempted suicide, but in reality Chris had made his choice. Marrying Adrianna was not in his plans. This was a ploy to let Silvio take her into the woods and take care of her.

    Tony B's sloppy murder of Billy Leotardo and attempted murder of Phil, have brought NY-NJ relations to an all-time low. Johnny Sack demands Blundetto's head and fails to promise a quick death. Tony, still feeling guilt over his involvement in his cousin's incarceration, refuses to tell Johnny of his whereabouts.

    Overall, this episode leaves on a dark note. The future for the DiMeo crime family is uncertain, the Soprano marriage is rebuilt upon a shaky foundation, and Christopher reverts to heroin to relieve his grief.
  • amazing episode of an amazing season

    I wish I could give this episode higher than a 10. It is so mind-blowingly incredible that it is almost impossible to comprehend. It truly is one of the greatest episodes in the history of television. Michael Imperioli and Drea de Matteo have always done great work on The Sopranos, and I have always enjoyed their scenes together, but their moments in this episode are amazing. The acting is top notch and so emotional. This show often feels so realistic, but this episode in particular feels even more real. The other storylines in this episode are great as well, the plot with Tony and Carmela, as well as Tony's continuing issues with Johnny Sac and Phil Leotardo over his cousin.
  • The Sopranos: Episode 64: "Long Term Parking"- The best episode coming out of the midst of the fifth season and one of the best of the whole series. (Spoiler Alert)

    "Long Term Parking" has one of the best writing of the fifth season and arguably the whole series. Now that Billy is dead and Tony Blundetto has fled, Tony has a meeting with John. Tony says that he doesn't know where Tony Blundetto is. John threatens to come after another one of his family, Christopher who is directly threatened, and to prepare for a war. Later, Tony receives a call from Tony Blundetto and finds out where he is located. Tony agrees to look after his twin sons and confesses the truth about the night Tony Blundetto got arrested fifteen years ago. Later, Tony finds out that Little Carmine is out of the power struggle and John has now become the boss. Tony meets with John and asks to kill Tony Blundetto himself to be spared from torture by Phil. John doesn't accept this, Tony tells him to go f*ck himself and says that he's his f*cking cousin and leaves. Tony wants to come back home and promises not to let his "mid-life crises" interfere with Carmela. She asks for more by asking for money to begin building a spec house on a piece of property for investment. Tony agrees and plans to return home. He visits Valentina in the hospital and breaks up with her and she reacts in an angry manner. Tony arrives home and has his first dinner back with Carmela and A.J.. While observing Adriana in a video from their surveillance at the Crazy Horse, Agent Sanseverino notices Adriana behaving oddly while throwing out a garbage bag and retrieving it and placing it in the trunk of her car. They learn that a murder took place in the club that night and she helped to hide evidence. The FBI confronts Adriana and she tells them the whole story of the murder. They threaten to send her to jail for twenty five years unless she wears a wire. Adriana refuses but wants to talk and persuade Christopher to cooperate with her in order to let the two move away with the help of the FBI. Adriana confesses to Christopher who almost kills her. He leaves to get some cigarettes and to think it over. At a gas station, Christopher observes a family which leads him to make his decision. Adriana gets a call from Tony who says Christopher tried to commit suicide and that Silvio is on his way to pick her up and take her to the hospital. A dream sequence shows Adriana driving away to escape. It's a real and memorable scene where Silvio is driving Adriana into the woods and pulls her out of his car and fires two shots while she tries crawling away. At the end of the episode, you hear a noise through the leaves but actually, when the camera pulls up, you see Tony and Carmela walking around the piece of land for their spec house to be built on. "Long Term Parking" was a very dramatic and emotional episode. A lot of stories take place and each of them were great. Tony and John preparing for a possible war. Tony returning home to Carmela. Finally, Adriana\'s failed attempt to persuade Christopher and her inevitable death. The best episode of the fifth season and one of the best episodes of The Sopranos.
  • Outstanding episode.

    This must be one of my fave episodes of the Sopranos. It is amazing because so many things were happening at once. First off, Carmela and Tony are now deciding if they should get back together. Carmela also decided that she needs more for her life since her kids are all grown. So she wants to go into buying real estate ($600,000 for one piece of land?!).

    Tony is trying to find his cousin and figure out what to do with him when he does find him.

    The most interesting (and saddest) part of this episode is the storyline with Adriana. The FBI has her on tape trying to hide a body for a friend. They have her now, there is no way out. They wanted her to rat out Tony and the family and the FBI told her they would keep her and Chris from getting into trouble if she puts a wire on and catches Tony. Adriana had a deadline to come to the FBI or they were coming for her. So she then tells Chris EVERYTHING. After her crying and carrying on for a while he finally said he would leave with her. He went out for a while and said he would be back. A couple of hrs later Adriana got a phone call from Tony saying that they found Chris almost OD on pills and that heis in the hospital, someone would be there to pick Adriana up and bring her to see Chris. It turn BAD. It was all a setup to kill Adriana.

    After that scene they showing Chris loosing it. Screaming, crying. Saying that he loved her and it hurts so what to do? well if your tony soprano and nephew is in front of you whimpering and crying and saying he HURTS. Well they you kick the crap outta him. There feel better now?

    Wow- amazing episode!!
  • Carmela tells Tony she wants to move back in, Tony B. is on the lam, Johnny Sack threatens Tony S. if he doesn't hand over Tony B., Adriana reveals she's an informant to Chris, Chris rats her out to Tony which leads to her extremely sad and unfortunate de

    Finally, an episode that beats this season’s “All Happy Families.” This is one of the most (if not the most) compelling and thrilling episode of The Sopranos ever created. It definitely makes my top five episodes of all time! People who didn’t like last week’s “The Test Dream” because it moved too slow, don’t have to worry about this episode taking the same road. The two most thrilling plot points of this episode were the struggle between Tony and Johnny Sack, and Tony trying to find Tony B., and deciding whether or not to kill his own cousin. The other was the F.B.I. tightening their grip on Adriana, and want her to get Christopher to flip. The scene where she asks Christopher to flip, is compelling and harrowing, and almost makes you believe Christopher kills Adriana, when he starts violently choking her. He loosens his grip (and to a SHOCK) agrees with Adriana to go into the Witness Protection Program. When Christopher goes outside the apartment to get fresh air, he sees a redneck family that makes him reflect on his life, (but you don’t know what is going on in his mind), all you can see is a blank stare. Then Adriana gets a call from Tony, saying Christopher tried to , by overdosing on sleeping pills, and that Silvio would pick her up to take her to the hospital. When her and Silvio are in the car she starts to cry and Silvio says, “What are you crying for, Christopher is going to be fine.” Well, that seems to be the only true thing said in this episode. Christopher is fine. Apparently, he chose the business over Adriana, and told Tony she was a F.B.I. informant. Tony then called her and lied about Christopher, so Silvio could pick her up. Where did he take her? Out in the middle of the woods to blow her brains out. The thing I liked about this sequence was they didn’t show her getting shot (which is good because she is probably the most character on that show.) But on the road to her, Silvio shows some misogynistic qualities that were apparent in episode 32 “University”. The ending was outstanding, when Tony and Johnny Sack meet under a bridge to discuss business, once Tony finds out Little Carmine stepped down from wanting to be boss, and Johnny Sack took the reigns. Tony tells Johnny Sack he knows where to find Tony B., and tells him “make it quick.” Johnny Sack replies, “I’ll have Phil Leotardo do it.” Knowing that will be far from a painless , Tony makes an almost sure to get himself killed decision and replies, “You know what, go f*ck yourself because he’s family.” When Tony drives away, Johnny Sack gives him a cold stare that could freeze over hell. And with that, the episode comes to it’s conclusion. I hope next week is as good or better than this week’s, but I count on being disappointed. I wonder who David Chase is going to pick to write the episode with him. Please don’t let it me Mathew Weiner. Overall Grade: A+
    Ranking in season: # 1 / 13
    Ranking in series: # 6 / 65