The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 12

Long Term Parking

Aired Unknown May 23, 2004 on HBO

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  • One of the best Sopranos episodes of all-time!!

    The FBI finally has something on Adriana that leaves her with the decision to either go to jail or convince christopher to flip with her and relocate in the witness protection program. She finally tells Christopher that she has been an FBI informant and this is one of the best scenes in the series. He almost kills her but says he will go along with her and leave his life of crime. Then he sees a redneck that is having a miserable time with his family and Christopher realizes that that is not the life for him. Tony calls Adriana and tells her that Christopher tried to commit suicide and that Silvio will give her a ride to the hospital. Under false pretenses she goes with him to the hospital but Silvio makes a unexpected turn into the woods and she soon finds out that Tony and Silvio knows that she is an FBI informant and she is whacked.