The Sopranos

Season 5 Episode 12

Long Term Parking

Aired Unknown May 23, 2004 on HBO

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  • This episode offers a look into the Mafia Mentality

    This episode is best known for the loss of a major character, Adriana. After trying to persuade Christopher that they can join witness protection, Adriana is driven out to the woods and shot by Silvio. Not an easy scene to accept, especially for those Adriana fans out there. This is one example where I think this episode shows the Mafia mentality. When Christopher is at the gas station, he sees a family. He sees a very unhappy middle aged man with an overweight wife, many kids and a broken down station wagon. This is the turning point when he decides that Adriana has to go. He can't stay with her, because in the future this family man would be him. The Mafia mentality is that the working man is a sucker and this is a lifestyle that Christopher cannot accept. Also in this episode, Tony struggles with the decision of what to do with Tony B. Although from immense pressure from Johnny Sack and Phil Leotardo to hand him over, Tony has another idea in mind which comes to flourish in the next episode, the 5th season finale. Altogether a terrific episode, although things are not looking good for the Soprano family.
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